Freelances, on s’est pliés en 7 pour vous !


Être Freelance, c’est jouir d’une nouvelle forme d’indépendance et de liberté et vous êtes plus de 90% à avoir fait, et non pas subi, le choix de l’indépendance. Mais être indépendant vient avec son lot de contraintes dont on se passerait bien: sortir de la solitude et trouver des lieux et des communautés de travail inspirants, faire du commercial, ouvrir et gérer son compte en banque, s’assurer, faire sa comptabilité, se former…

Alors pour vous, on s’est rassemblés avec les acteurs qui offrent des réponses à chacunes de ces problématiques pour vous proposer des offres toutes spéciales qui vous permettront de vivre au mieux et à petit prix votre vie d’indépendant. Ca à donné le projet SesameFreelance, et on est pas peu fiers de vous le présenter aujourd’hui.

Grâce à Sésame, Vous pourrez bosser de plus de 45 espaces de coworking à Paris, 150 en France et 800 dans le monde grâce à l’abonnement Copass à -20% sur le premier mois, trouver du business sur Malt et bénéficier d’une session de conseils et d’un shooting gratuit pour être beau sur le web, bénéficier de 3 mois gratuit sur la néobanque Qonto qui vous simplifiera votre vie bancaire, vous assurer grâce à Alan qui vous offre votre premier mois, vous former à prix doux avec Ironhack et OpenClassrooms et enfin gagner 2 mois de comptabilité gratuite sur l’expert comptable.

Bref, de quoi répondre à tous vos besoins !


Copass for Companies: Let’s meet the Digicomstory team

Photo © Julien Ermine

Photo © Julien Ermine

Normally people think that only solo workers can have a flexibles and dynamic way of working, but it’s not really like this. More and more often even companies decide to leave the “old generation” office routine to embrace a new way of working together in a flexible way. Today we present you a case that we particularly care about because they have been among the pioneers of Copass and they followed us in many adventures: the Digicomstory team.

Digicomstory is a small digital communication agency based in Paris, which has made of his size a point of strength and quality: they describe themselves “small but creatives” and very flexible in order to adapt to all client needs and timing. Their services range between the processing of the right social media strategy for brands, to the execution and management, till social media communication and influence and social media advertising.

The founder Anthony Besson started his activity working in a coworking space, but quickly the group grew up and he didn’t want to leave the flexibility of working in different places. While Digicomstory was growing, Copass was enlarging the number of spaces and the nomad feature was each day more clear. Lalaina, Leila e Emeline, which joined Anthony in this adventure, were enthusiastic for this flexibility and it was a prerogative for them to work with him in the agency. Continue Reading…

Copass PLANS are out !

Some releases make us really PROUD. This is one of them. You can now choose a monthly plan and USE YOUR DAYS IN ANY OF OUR 500+ PARTNER SPACES ! By subscribing to a Copass plan, you instantly become a member of all the best spaces and communities in your city, in your country and on the planet. That’s it. Copass plans come in 3 different flavors:

copass plansKnow more about the global coworking plans

Plus, we know flexibility matters. Copass plans come with no commitments. You can downgrade or cancel your plan Anytime. Work has never been so easy and flexible.

Thanks to you, we’re getting everyday closer to our vision of letting people use the coolest workspaces on earth with one account. We’re more than 10.000 Copassers around the world and more than 500 spaces in 300+ cities and 75+ countries, reinventing work day after day. Thanks a million times to be part of the movement.

Now you might have a few questions about plans, like :

How do plan works ?

Once you subscribed a plan, the badge at the upper right corner will indicate you how many days you have left in your plan. badge copass coworking plans

All you have left to do is to find the spaces you want to work from and go there. When in the space, go to the space’s page on Copass and click on the checkin button, just like before! If you still have some days left in your plan, you’ll see on the confirmation popup that the checkin is included in your plan.



Confirm and Voilà! Now, if you go to your transaction & invoice sections, you’ll see that those checkins are marked as included in your plan.

Subscribing today, when would my plan start and end?

Copass memberships activate upon purchase. They are monthly recurring memberships and will renew each month on the same day of the month that you signed up. This means that if you subscribe to Copass on the 13th, your membership will renew on the 13th of each month.

What if I used all the days included in my membership but need a few more?

No worries ! When you’ve run out of days, you can still use your Copass account! You’ll automatically switch to the pay-per-use system. Extra days will be charged on your credit card until your plan renews.

Can I cancel or change plan anytime?

Yes! There is no long-term commitment for Copass. You are welcome to change or cancel your membership, as long as this is done at least one day before your cycle renews.



Will I be able to get into every space I want?

Absolutely. The best part about Copass: we’re in more than 300 cities in 75 different countries around the globe, and you are welcome to use your Copass in any of them! Your Copass membership simply does not cover accommodation costs for spaces offering it.

Can I go as much as I want in each space?

Yes. There is no limit to how many times you can go to one space. Many of our members have a favorite space where they spend most of their time. Do as you please!

How can I be sure I’ll get a desk in spaces I go?

Spaces can choose if a request is mandatory or not before coming. Most spaces do have the capacity to host you at anytime but we recommend that you respect the request policy of the space to get the best experience possible.

Request status

Some spaces do not always have staff members everyday and you want to be sure somebody will be there to host you. In many spaces though, you can simply drop in without prior notice and seat wherever you want.

I’am already a Copass member, how can I subscribe to a plan?

That’s pretty simple: just go to the Copass plans page or to your account section, select the plan you need and follow the steps.

We hope you’ll love those plans as much as we do. We want to hear from you! Let us know if you have any question or have an idea to make it even better. Your feedbacks make us better everyday. Keep on fueling us.

Happy Copassing.

Why I Copass: Making a Hip Hop Album + NYC Workdays


After 1 year working with us at Copass, Michael goes back to “normal” life and continues his Phd in Anthropology. Before leaving, he wrote a small piece about what copassing meant for him and how he came to record a Hip Hop Album in NYC while copassing. You can check his music here

For me, it’s been a winding, fast-paced, extraordinarily exciting year to be a part of this thing called Copass.

Over the course of these 12 months, I’ve spoken with people in New York, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Paris, Brussels, Sofia and elsewhere, on the topic of global coworking, and what exactly Copass is. Sure it’s a membership, it’s a network, yes you can have access to all of these communities, definitely it’s an element of the sharing economy – but in these kinds of conversation something gets lost in the mix.

Because, while Copass is definitely about all of these things and more, we endeavour to make it an efficient service and thorough network, to make it accessible and easy-to-use, to make it full of features and flexible as can be – in order that it allows people to connect without getting in the way. The functionality is cool, but we want “Copass” to get out of the way as soon as possible.

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Which coworking space will be open this summer in Paris ?

coworking paris

Summer is coming and a heat wave hit Paris – you’re hot? We too.

But don’t worry, there’re a couple of great spots for you in the city this summer:Studios Singuliers has air conditionning, Volumes provides you with foot pools, some others have fans like in Mutinerie and La Boite à Pêche, others have huge windows like Coworkshop and 10H10; Coworkcrèche and ICI Montreuil have fresh basement …and all others live pretty well under the sun:)

You’ll find below some useful information for you, brave Copassers, who work this summer! Good luck, and happy copassing !

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Cowork on a Catamaran sailing the world with Cobat


At this point, we’ve heard it all:

You can cowork in a castle, you can cowork in a van.

You can cowork in a factory, you can cowork in an arsenal.

You can cowork on a farm, you can cowork on a bus

you can work in a shipping container and you can cowork on a tropical island.

Now, you can cowork on a catamaran sailing the world. The very aptly-titled “Coboat” is an initiative to take the advancements and facilities of coworking spaces to the high seas around the globe. From Lisbon to Hong Kong, this is a mighty 82-foot retrofitted sailing vessel to circumnavigate the globe.

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Cowork in a Bright Yellow Van in France


Taking the idea of remote working to a whole other level, welcome to our most mobile coworking space ever: L’Annexe Yelloworking. Yes, you’re seeing it correctly: this is not your normal workspace, you can cowork in a bright yellow van, careening around the roads of the French Riviera daily to the perfect sun-drenched, permanent-summer beachside locales.

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Digital Detox… In a Coworking Space!


Where do you imagine to go when you need to escape from the daily routines of work and technology? To get a real digital detox? Maybe you’d head for some sun on an isolated beach on some far-off coast, or fresh air in the pine-covered mountains of some distant mountain range. Maybe you’d go to sea, take a road trip or cycling journey.

Well… how about detoxing at a coworking space?

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Why Does Anyone Pay for Coworking?


Some people make an impression on you right from the start. In that first conversation, you realise they’re going to be important to you. Their values match or complement your own, they challenge you, they fill your mind with potential. And, hopefully, you do the same for them.

These connections run deeper than the typical supply-demand links that we create in the professional world. And the shallow, shared interest friendships that come and go with every new hobby. These are the relationships that help you discover yourself, the ones that make you grow.

Often such meetings are serendipitous, made possible by the simple fact that some aspect of similarity brought you to the same place at the same time. Occasionally that serendipity is engineered by a mutual connection.

That’s my job — I’m a community engineer.

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Coworking in the French Countryside: Mutinerie Village


What should you expect?

A chicken mansion, paintball battles, homemade cider, masquerade parties, impromptu festivals, a backyard farm and a few days in the country with friends.

The Big Picture

This one’s a bit different than the others in our series. We’re stepping out of the normal, busy, action-packed, high-strung, city-centre lifestyle – to take a breather. Our first rural location in our tour of the world’s most amazing workspaces, here you’ll get a glimpse into French country life, several (well trodden) big steps away from the big city.

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Coworking in Santa Cruz


*This is our first guest post on the Travel Diary! Lend a warm welcome to our friend and coworking camarade, top-notch copywriter & prose poet Rosie Allabarton!*

Although Silicon Valley is the poster child of the region, Santa Cruz brings just as much to the table and this is nowhere more evident than through the crop of unique working spaces now popping up all over town.

Digital nomads are flocking to do their coworking in Santa Cruz with just 40 minutes drive to Silicon Valley, and the reward on arrival of 29 miles of beaches. Santa Cruz has a bustling community of excited free spirits, all committed to bringing their creativity and innovation to a new working lifestyle.

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The First Big Code & Surf Retreat


August 8-15, our friends from Outsite are teaming up with the fine folks at CareerFoundry, to host something awesome. And you’ve got the chance to grab one ticket for free, flights included to Santa cruz !

The event is the perfect balance of fun and work, something that (frankly) we wish we could go along to. It’s not complicated, and can be drilled down to three key components: Code + Surf + Have Fun = the Code & Surf Retreat.

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Coworking in Turin: Toolbox Coworking


What should you expect?

World-class events, Egyptian mummies, Arduino, magic lanterns, an entire medieval town, a skatepark, an open-source apartment and a vast industrial warehouse.

The Big Picture

What you have to do, is to imagine Toolbox Coworking less like just another “space where you cowork” and more like a full-speed, high-octane innovation engine. It’s a place that will give your ideas momentum, no matter what they are or what means you need to achieve them.

It’s homemade and open-source, handcrafted and about as authentic as you can get.

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Coworking & The Problem of Real Estate

Untitled design

What happens when a mayor, a Copasser and a Domino walk into a bar?

Naturally – they (being Tony, myself and Alex) converse over the future of coworking and entrepreneurship.

What’s the problem? Coworking, currently, is a social model based on the realities of real estate. People associate coworking with a physical place, where through a set of practical procedures they get to the space, do their work, make some friends, go to events, have some food, and then go home.

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Coworking in Ibiza: Cowork Ibiza


What should you expect?

Long sandy beaches, medieval knights, skateboard walls, absinthe in birdcages, picture-perfect sunsets, a drawbridge, a psychologist and a self-sustainable island work community.

The Big Picture

As the guys at Cowork Ibiza advertise, “there’s no place like home,” quickly reminding you that “don’t worry – you’ll be able to go back every day!” How kind of them, but we’re not sure you’ll want to go back home after a day in this space.

Here’s what you’re in for: a stellar community of designers and artists, with tasty Spanish food, a Batman poster and a wall of skateboards (there’s always a cool exhibition on the rotation) – plus a beautiful beach right down the street…

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Feli & Marcus Interview: Digital Nomads and DNX 2015


DNX Global is the world’s premiere event for digital nomads looking for actionable know-how on online self-employment and location independent working. After three landmark events, this is the first English-speaking conference for people all over the world.

We interviewed the founders of DNX to ask them about the past, present and future of digital nomads and the DNX series of conferences – check out what they have to say! (And also check out our 10% discount code for DNX Global tickets with the code “DNX-GLOBAL-COPASS!”

So, tease us. Why should our reader come to the DNX 2015 conference this year?

DNX 2015 Global is the first conference for digital nomads and the place to be to connect to like-minded people and fellow nomads from all over the world. The event will take place on the 31st of July and 1st of August 2015 in Berlin.

We exchange know-how about freelancing, online entrepreneurship and travel. We are big fans of the lean startup and bootstrapping approach as well as solopreneurship. That means no investors, no office and no fixed employees.

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Your Copass Experience!


Hey you awesome Copasser – how’s it goin’ ?

We were wondering: after all this while – how have you been enjoying Copass, revamped? We’re curious to hear about your Copass experiences. To see what you think of the way we do things now.

In the past months, Copass entered a new age. We got a brand new look, with some fun new features, upgrades and updates galore. After launching publicly and many extensive post-developments, we’ve learned tons of great things from users. Now, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what works, of what needs fixing and of how we can improve – and we’ve acted on it. But there’s still always more to do!

Accounting for all of your advice and great feedback, we simplified how you use Copass, how you pay for it and lots of other goodies. In a process of continuous trial and experimentation – we want to hear from you to see how we can take it even further! Take a read and see what you think, what comments / questions do *you* have on these updates? :)

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Coworking in San Francisco: PARISOMA


What should you expect?

Ping pong tournaments, the mayor of Paris, Game of Thrones cocktails and enough classes to help you become an expert on everything.

The Big Picture

For coworking in San Francisco, you’ve got to head to PARISOMA. It’s a pure distillation of the thing that makes the city great.

Whether or not you’ve been there, you probably have a lot of impressions about San Francisco. The city of technology! The progressive, European-inspired modern left-leaning American dreamland. The definitive centre of alternative social movements. The city of many hills and Victorian homes.

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