3 Lessons Learned from Being Featured on Product Hunt

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Last Friday, we had the surprise and pleasure to be featured on Product Hunt. For those who don’t know this platform yet, it’s essentially a community board where people can upvote tech products.

Basically, every day a few new and cool products are selected and upvoted by the community. In very little time, Product Hunt became a very important player in the tech community. Hundreds of companies that have been featured on it have raised money afterwards.

Let us share with you our key learnings.

1. You don’t choose to be on Product Hunt, Product Hunt chooses you.

We did not submit Copass to be on Product Hunt. One enthusiastic user did it and informed us afterward. You can submit your startup but I guess it has more chances to be featured when it comes from the community.

Actually, we were quite surprised when it happened as we wanted to submit Copass when we would feel ready for it. Even if we’ve started to be more proactive in the US, most of community and most of the coworking spaces currently on Copass are based in Europe. But I guess you’re never really ready :)

Copass was submitted by a user, not by us

Copass was submitted by a user, not by us

2. When on Product Hunt, don’t push too hard!

That’s the main lesson for sure. We did not read all the FAQ and did not know exactly how Product Hunt worked when we learned we were on it. Our initial reaction was to let our community know so they could support us if they wanted. We shared the news on twitter and facebook. We were actually the second most upvoted app for the day, which is awesome. We were surprised and a bit disapointed to be ranked only in 10th position with so many upvotes!

Copass on Product Hunt

When we read the FAQ, we realised that you actually should not be pushing your product as Product Hunt wants ranking to be as organic as possible. This rule totally makes sense but it’s too bad that we did not hear of it before, as Copass was doing great even without having to push it. At least now we know.

3. Product Hunt does bring you substantial and qualified traffic.

Within two days, Product Hunt brought us approximatively 1400 visits and 140 new members which is pretty good. More than just the actual number, the audience was pretty qualified. They really are early adopters, entrepreneurs and even investors. It’s cool to be able to have those people getting to know you and giving your platform a shot. In addition to the direct traffic from Product Hunt, you’ll also have some people tweeting about you and sharing your platform to their friends if they like it.

Product Hunt impact on twitter

The Final Word

All in all, the experience was really interesting. We’d like to say congratulations to the team at Product Hunt as their community really helps to identify and spread the word about new and innovative products out there. We’ll definitively keep them and you posted when we have a major release that we think could be appealing to the Product Hunt community.

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  1. Sorry for submitting it, i was really enthusiastic! ;) thanks for sharing the story! And you’re welcome :D

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