Let’s Go Around the World in 80 Spaces!

“Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.”
-Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days

As Jules Verne embarked on a journey around the world, we’re creating a series of articles to share with you the most inspiring places we’ve been and stories we’ve been told!

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If there’s anything we get from Verne’s classic 1873 novel, it’s a timeless worldly wonder mixed with a strong a sense of adventure.

From London to Suez, from Egypt to Bombay, from India to Hong Kong, from China to Yokohama, from Japan to San Francisco and finally from New York City back to England – it’s a whirlwind of a voyage mixed with the marvel of technology that, in Verne’s world, was just coming to take centre-stage in a new generation of world travelers.

To us, this novel and Verne in general has always been a great inspiration. Like him, we believe that we are just on the edge of a new way of living in the world that will take the human spirit for adventure further with the introduction of new, paradigm-shifting technologies.


For him it was the steam engine and large-scale railroad networks. For us, it’s 3G phone coverage, Skype video chats, real-time Google collaborative documents. It’s wifi connectivitiy, video editing software and cloud-based advertising platforms.

With Verne as our inspiration, we want to present to you our global vision of coworking, bound up in the human spirit of adventure.


Just as trains created fundamental changes in how people worked and lived, so too are we experiencing the arrival of a new era in the form of technologies of the everyday. Technologies that allow us to go farther, to connect deeper and to be more productive while being where we want to be.

So here we go. We dare you to join us in going Around the World in 80 Spaces, as we chronicle an encyclopedia of the most fascinating spaces, in the most inspiring places, all around the world. With Verne as our inspiration, we want to present to you our global vision of coworking, bound up in the human spirit of adventure.


In a series of fun, informative and quirky posts on all of these cool collaborative workspaces – from London to Cairo, Delhi to Shanghai, Paris to Zagreb and New York to San Francisco – join us in the spirit of classic voyages in our modern times. Check back regularly to the blog to see new updates, and we’ll post them on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up.

We hope you’ll feel inspired to imagine living and working around the world just by the thought of it.

Because, after all, whatever it is that some can imagine, others can make it real.

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