Why I Copass: Making a Hip Hop Album + NYC Workdays


After 1 year working with us at Copass, Michael goes back to “normal” life and continues his Phd in Anthropology. Before leaving, he wrote a small piece about what copassing meant for him and how he came to record a Hip Hop Album in NYC while copassing. You can check his music here

For me, it’s been a winding, fast-paced, extraordinarily exciting year to be a part of this thing called Copass.

Over the course of these 12 months, I’ve spoken with people in New York, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, Edinburgh, Paris, Brussels, Sofia and elsewhere, on the topic of global coworking, and what exactly Copass is. Sure it’s a membership, it’s a network, yes you can have access to all of these communities, definitely it’s an element of the sharing economy – but in these kinds of conversation something gets lost in the mix.

Because, while Copass is definitely about all of these things and more, we endeavour to make it an efficient service and thorough network, to make it accessible and easy-to-use, to make it full of features and flexible as can be – in order that it allows people to connect without getting in the way. The functionality is cool, but we want “Copass” to get out of the way as soon as possible.

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Cowork on a Catamaran sailing the world with Cobat


At this point, we’ve heard it all:

You can cowork in a castle, you can cowork in a van.

You can cowork in a factory, you can cowork in an arsenal.

You can cowork on a farm, you can cowork on a bus

you can work in a shipping container and you can cowork on a tropical island.

Now, you can cowork on a catamaran sailing the world. The very aptly-titled “Coboat” is an initiative to take the advancements and facilities of coworking spaces to the high seas around the globe. From Lisbon to Hong Kong, this is a mighty 82-foot retrofitted sailing vessel to circumnavigate the globe.

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Cowork in a Bright Yellow Van in France


Taking the idea of remote working to a whole other level, welcome to our most mobile coworking space ever: L’Annexe Yelloworking. Yes, you’re seeing it correctly: this is not your normal workspace, you can cowork in a bright yellow van, careening around the roads of the French Riviera daily to the perfect sun-drenched, permanent-summer beachside locales.

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Digital Detox… In a Coworking Space!


Where do you imagine to go when you need to escape from the daily routines of work and technology? To get a real digital detox? Maybe you’d head for some sun on an isolated beach on some far-off coast, or fresh air in the pine-covered mountains of some distant mountain range. Maybe you’d go to sea, take a road trip or cycling journey.

Well… how about detoxing at a coworking space?

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Coworking in the French Countryside: Mutinerie Village


What should you expect?

A chicken mansion, paintball battles, homemade cider, masquerade parties, impromptu festivals, a backyard farm and a few days in the country with friends.

The Big Picture

This one’s a bit different than the others in our series. We’re stepping out of the normal, busy, action-packed, high-strung, city-centre lifestyle – to take a breather. Our first rural location in our tour of the world’s most amazing workspaces, here you’ll get a glimpse into French country life, several (well trodden) big steps away from the big city.

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The First Big Code & Surf Retreat


August 8-15, our friends from Outsite are teaming up with the fine folks at CareerFoundry, to host something awesome. And you’ve got the chance to grab one ticket for free, flights included to Santa cruz !

The event is the perfect balance of fun and work, something that (frankly) we wish we could go along to. It’s not complicated, and can be drilled down to three key components: Code + Surf + Have Fun = the Code & Surf Retreat.

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Coworking in Turin: Toolbox Coworking


What should you expect?

World-class events, Egyptian mummies, Arduino, magic lanterns, an entire medieval town, a skatepark, an open-source apartment and a vast industrial warehouse.

The Big Picture

What you have to do, is to imagine Toolbox Coworking less like just another “space where you cowork” and more like a full-speed, high-octane innovation engine. It’s a place that will give your ideas momentum, no matter what they are or what means you need to achieve them.

It’s homemade and open-source, handcrafted and about as authentic as you can get.

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Coworking & The Problem of Real Estate

Untitled design

What happens when a mayor, a Copasser and a Domino walk into a bar?

Naturally – they (being Tony, myself and Alex) converse over the future of coworking and entrepreneurship.

What’s the problem? Coworking, currently, is a social model based on the realities of real estate. People associate coworking with a physical place, where through a set of practical procedures they get to the space, do their work, make some friends, go to events, have some food, and then go home.

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Coworking in Ibiza: Cowork Ibiza


What should you expect?

Long sandy beaches, medieval knights, skateboard walls, absinthe in birdcages, picture-perfect sunsets, a drawbridge, a psychologist and a self-sustainable island work community.

The Big Picture

As the guys at Cowork Ibiza advertise, “there’s no place like home,” quickly reminding you that “don’t worry – you’ll be able to go back every day!” How kind of them, but we’re not sure you’ll want to go back home after a day in this space.

Here’s what you’re in for: a stellar community of designers and artists, with tasty Spanish food, a Batman poster and a wall of skateboards (there’s always a cool exhibition on the rotation) – plus a beautiful beach right down the street…

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Feli & Marcus Interview: Digital Nomads and DNX 2015


DNX Global is the world’s premiere event for digital nomads looking for actionable know-how on online self-employment and location independent working. After three landmark events, this is the first English-speaking conference for people all over the world.

We interviewed the founders of DNX to ask them about the past, present and future of digital nomads and the DNX series of conferences – check out what they have to say! (And also check out our 10% discount code for DNX Global tickets with the code “DNX-GLOBAL-COPASS!”

So, tease us. Why should our reader come to the DNX 2015 conference this year?

DNX 2015 Global is the first conference for digital nomads and the place to be to connect to like-minded people and fellow nomads from all over the world. The event will take place on the 31st of July and 1st of August 2015 in Berlin.

We exchange know-how about freelancing, online entrepreneurship and travel. We are big fans of the lean startup and bootstrapping approach as well as solopreneurship. That means no investors, no office and no fixed employees.

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Your Copass Experience!


Hey you awesome Copasser – how’s it goin’ ?

We were wondering: after all this while – how have you been enjoying Copass, revamped? We’re curious to hear about your Copass experiences. To see what you think of the way we do things now.

In the past months, Copass entered a new age. We got a brand new look, with some fun new features, upgrades and updates galore. After launching publicly and many extensive post-developments, we’ve learned tons of great things from users. Now, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what works, of what needs fixing and of how we can improve – and we’ve acted on it. But there’s still always more to do!

Accounting for all of your advice and great feedback, we simplified how you use Copass, how you pay for it and lots of other goodies. In a process of continuous trial and experimentation – we want to hear from you to see how we can take it even further! Take a read and see what you think, what comments / questions do *you* have on these updates? :)

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Coworking in San Francisco: PARISOMA


What should you expect?

Ping pong tournaments, the mayor of Paris, Game of Thrones cocktails and enough classes to help you become an expert on everything.

The Big Picture

For coworking in San Francisco, you’ve got to head to PARISOMA. It’s a pure distillation of the thing that makes the city great.

Whether or not you’ve been there, you probably have a lot of impressions about San Francisco. The city of technology! The progressive, European-inspired modern left-leaning American dreamland. The definitive centre of alternative social movements. The city of many hills and Victorian homes.

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Coworkers Detained in Thailand: Another Day in the Changing World of Work


Imagine just another normal day at your coworking space.

Maybe it’s a good morning. Maybe you arrived at the crack of dawn, had a refreshing cup of coffee and already made it halfway through your inbox. Maybe you’ve even made some good progress on that new side project you’ve been itching to work on.

You sit back, hands behind your head. Just as you’re about to really get down to business, a group of armed and uniformed police storm into the space and detain you and your fellow coworkers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a thought experiment. It’s exactly what happened to the coworkers at PunSpace in Chiang Mai, Thailand, just last fall. A coworker on-site, Johnny FD, reported the following as it was happening:

I’m sitting here at PunSpace the coworking space in Chiang Mai, and about an hour ago 20 armed uniformed police and immigration officials stormed in and detained everyone. Currently 18 tourists are in a police van being taken to Thai Immigration near the airport.

Coworkers Detained in Thailand

The managers of the space were called by the police, and they arrived to show the officials their state documents and license for the space. They tried to explain that they were operating as “a coworking space which is similar to an internet cafe,” and that not a single person there was working for a Thai company on a Thai salary – “meaning they are not taking Thai jobs or working illegally.”

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3 Key Points from GCUC 2015


There’s no doubt that the GCUC 2015 coworking (un)conference was a smashing success. Bringing together around 300 people from across the USA and further afield, it was a meeting of the minds to discuss the intricacies, challenges and opportunities that coworking faces today.

A gathering of independent projects and visions, GCUC brought us together under one common project, one shared mission: coworking. This ambiguous and open word is exactly what gave it strength at GCUC this year, where everyone’s own work could be conceived of as under one umbrella, within one superstructure.

Let’s take coworking from the springboard of GCUC to the next level. There are only open skies.

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Coworking in Sofia: betahaus Sofia


What should you expect?

Bulgarian pastries, ancient ruins, handmade origami lamps, family vibes, rakia, hacker culture and a surprising tech ecosystem.

The Big Picture

Sofia, one of Europe’s longest inhabited cities, is a place that has been home to “the good life” for longer than maybe anywhere else in the world. Because that’s the first thing you realise in the Bulgarian capital: people know how to relax and have fun. Possibly rare for Europe – this is a truly cool city with zero pretension, zero snobbery and zero pomposity.

Coming to Sofia is like entering into a big family. And nowhere is that more true than at betahaus Sofia.

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VOLUMES Coworking Open in Paris!


Say hello to the new kid on the block: VOLUMES Coworking – right now for their opening & first days!

If you’re aware much about coworking, you’ll know that there are always new, cool spaces opening. In the neighbourhood, down the street or across the way – here’s a fablab, there’s a shared office, a workshop, a by-the-hour café.

These new spaces we see are amazing experiments in living and working together, and each one has its own ingredients and its own unique mix. And with that, VOLUMES is an excellent recipe.

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Coworking in Fuerteventura: HUB Fuerteventura


What should you expect?

A wall of plants, sunny surfing, tapas nights, local community, aloe vera ice cream and volcanoes.

The Big Picture

Your experience of coworking in Fuerteventura will be very similar to that of travelling to the island. Upon arriving, you’ll quickly find that it’s not what you were expecting. Full of surprises, full of dedication, of vision and full of fun – it’s a model coworking space that will leave you, like the island, wanting to come back for more.

The thing to understand about HUB Fuerteventura, is that it’s a work-place for your mind and body. And no, I don’t mean that like you might expect – in the sense that spaces have yoga classes, or pilates, or running sessions. Here you’ll find full-on sea sport experiences.

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Copass Camp San Francisco: A Californian Adventure + GCUC


May 4-9. We’re headed to California. We’re doing GCUC USA.

We’re playing a trampoline dodgeball tournament.

We’re going whitewater rafting.

Are you with us?

After years of making friends and connecting to communities in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and further afield – we’re finally making it out there (and we mean far out, man): the Wild, Wild West.

Well, maybe not the Wild West of those old western movies (in fact, for the landscape we’d bet that our Fuerteventura Adventure is much closer!) but instead, the dramatic cliffs, beautiful beaches and scenic mountains of beautiful California.

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