Copass for Companies: Let’s meet the Digicomstory team

Photo © Julien Ermine

Photo © Julien Ermine

Normally people think that only solo workers can have a flexibles and dynamic way of working, but it’s not really like this. More and more often even companies decide to leave the “old generation” office routine to embrace a new way of working together in a flexible way. Today we present you a case that we particularly care about because they have been among the pioneers of Copass and they followed us in many adventures: the Digicomstory team.

Digicomstory is a small digital communication agency based in Paris, which has made of his size a point of strength and quality: they describe themselves “small but creatives” and very flexible in order to adapt to all client needs and timing. Their services range between the processing of the right social media strategy for brands, to the execution and management, till social media communication and influence and social media advertising.

The founder Anthony Besson started his activity working in a coworking space, but quickly the group grew up and he didn’t want to leave the flexibility of working in different places. While Digicomstory was growing, Copass was enlarging the number of spaces and the nomad feature was each day more clear. Lalaina, Leila e Emeline, which joined Anthony in this adventure, were enthusiastic for this flexibility and it was a prerogative for them to work with him in the agency. Continue Reading…

A Software Engineer Sailing the High Seas


In the wide world of coworking, you meet some pretty fascinating people and learn things about them that you wouldn’t expect. It’s one of our favourite parts of working from many spaces – the more people you meet, the less you know what to expect!

Baku, currently in Portugal, is a case-in-point of this. We met him in Lisbon a few months ago. Here’s the thing: Baku is a Silicon Valley software engineer. But he loves sailing. So, what did he do? He combined the two in the most awesome way possible.

He’s a software engineer sailing the high seas! Sounds pretty cool, right? Check out our interview with him below and discover more!

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Meet Amazing Copassers: Manon & the African Clean Energy Project

We met Manon through Copass on a whim. She was looking for a place to stay upon visiting and coworking for a few days in Paris, and little did she know that she would find one of the best hosts in the city – Augustin, one of our very own! She used Copass to find him, and then met us at Mutinerie for a chat about her nomadic travels across Europe to promote her amazing African Clean Energy project. Check out what she has to say about her work, her travels and her time as one of our amazing Copassers!

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Want to Be a Hero? Meet Copasser Christophe and the Amazing Hexo+

We met Christophe Baillon before we even started coding Copass. Among other things, he is taking part in one of the most successful French Kickstarter campaigns ever, with Hexo+, an autonomous drone that will follow and film you on-the-go. This drone can turn anyone into a hero! And besides being an accomplished, passionate multi-entrepreneur, Christophe was actually one of the very first Copass users ever. Check out what he has to say about his experience as an entrepreneur and Copasser!

Christophe Baillon Copass Hexo+

Hi Christophe! Could you tell us quickly who you are and what you’re working on?

I’m 34. I’m an autodidact and have been very fond of software development since I was five years old. I created ‘Sogilis’ in 2008, a company (operating without a manager) of 20 passionate people who make innovative software. Sogilis has notably developed a safety-critical component for the A350 (where a bug can cause a crash and death), but also it has worked with a lot a web startups and medical projects.

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