Cowork on a Catamaran sailing the world with Cobat


At this point, we’ve heard it all:

You can cowork in a castle, you can cowork in a van.

You can cowork in a factory, you can cowork in an arsenal.

You can cowork on a farm, you can cowork on a bus

you can work in a shipping container and you can cowork on a tropical island.

Now, you can cowork on a catamaran sailing the world. The very aptly-titled “Coboat” is an initiative to take the advancements and facilities of coworking spaces to the high seas around the globe. From Lisbon to Hong Kong, this is a mighty 82-foot retrofitted sailing vessel to circumnavigate the globe.

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Why Does Anyone Pay for Coworking?


Some people make an impression on you right from the start. In that first conversation, you realise they’re going to be important to you. Their values match or complement your own, they challenge you, they fill your mind with potential. And, hopefully, you do the same for them.

These connections run deeper than the typical supply-demand links that we create in the professional world. And the shallow, shared interest friendships that come and go with every new hobby. These are the relationships that help you discover yourself, the ones that make you grow.

Often such meetings are serendipitous, made possible by the simple fact that some aspect of similarity brought you to the same place at the same time. Occasionally that serendipity is engineered by a mutual connection.

That’s my job — I’m a community engineer.

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Coworking in Santa Cruz


*This is our first guest post on the Travel Diary! Lend a warm welcome to our friend and coworking camarade, top-notch copywriter & prose poet Rosie Allabarton!*

Although Silicon Valley is the poster child of the region, Santa Cruz brings just as much to the table and this is nowhere more evident than through the crop of unique working spaces now popping up all over town.

Digital nomads are flocking to do their coworking in Santa Cruz with just 40 minutes drive to Silicon Valley, and the reward on arrival of 29 miles of beaches. Santa Cruz has a bustling community of excited free spirits, all committed to bringing their creativity and innovation to a new working lifestyle.

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The First Big Code & Surf Retreat


August 8-15, our friends from Outsite are teaming up with the fine folks at CareerFoundry, to host something awesome. And you’ve got the chance to grab one ticket for free, flights included to Santa cruz !

The event is the perfect balance of fun and work, something that (frankly) we wish we could go along to. It’s not complicated, and can be drilled down to three key components: Code + Surf + Have Fun = the Code & Surf Retreat.

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Coworking & The Problem of Real Estate

Untitled design

What happens when a mayor, a Copasser and a Domino walk into a bar?

Naturally – they (being Tony, myself and Alex) converse over the future of coworking and entrepreneurship.

What’s the problem? Coworking, currently, is a social model based on the realities of real estate. People associate coworking with a physical place, where through a set of practical procedures they get to the space, do their work, make some friends, go to events, have some food, and then go home.

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Feli & Marcus Interview: Digital Nomads and DNX 2015


DNX Global is the world’s premiere event for digital nomads looking for actionable know-how on online self-employment and location independent working. After three landmark events, this is the first English-speaking conference for people all over the world.

We interviewed the founders of DNX to ask them about the past, present and future of digital nomads and the DNX series of conferences – check out what they have to say! (And also check out our 10% discount code for DNX Global tickets with the code “DNX-GLOBAL-COPASS!”

So, tease us. Why should our reader come to the DNX 2015 conference this year?

DNX 2015 Global is the first conference for digital nomads and the place to be to connect to like-minded people and fellow nomads from all over the world. The event will take place on the 31st of July and 1st of August 2015 in Berlin.

We exchange know-how about freelancing, online entrepreneurship and travel. We are big fans of the lean startup and bootstrapping approach as well as solopreneurship. That means no investors, no office and no fixed employees.

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Coworkers Detained in Thailand: Another Day in the Changing World of Work


Imagine just another normal day at your coworking space.

Maybe it’s a good morning. Maybe you arrived at the crack of dawn, had a refreshing cup of coffee and already made it halfway through your inbox. Maybe you’ve even made some good progress on that new side project you’ve been itching to work on.

You sit back, hands behind your head. Just as you’re about to really get down to business, a group of armed and uniformed police storm into the space and detain you and your fellow coworkers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a thought experiment. It’s exactly what happened to the coworkers at PunSpace in Chiang Mai, Thailand, just last fall. A coworker on-site, Johnny FD, reported the following as it was happening:

I’m sitting here at PunSpace the coworking space in Chiang Mai, and about an hour ago 20 armed uniformed police and immigration officials stormed in and detained everyone. Currently 18 tourists are in a police van being taken to Thai Immigration near the airport.

Coworkers Detained in Thailand

The managers of the space were called by the police, and they arrived to show the officials their state documents and license for the space. They tried to explain that they were operating as “a coworking space which is similar to an internet cafe,” and that not a single person there was working for a Thai company on a Thai salary – “meaning they are not taking Thai jobs or working illegally.”

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VOLUMES Coworking Open in Paris!


Say hello to the new kid on the block: VOLUMES Coworking – right now for their opening & first days!

If you’re aware much about coworking, you’ll know that there are always new, cool spaces opening. In the neighbourhood, down the street or across the way – here’s a fablab, there’s a shared office, a workshop, a by-the-hour café.

These new spaces we see are amazing experiments in living and working together, and each one has its own ingredients and its own unique mix. And with that, VOLUMES is an excellent recipe.

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“This is not not about work anymore.”

it s not about work

We stole that awesome slogan from Coworklisboa, one of the coolest spaces in Lisbon and one of the pioneers in Europe. This motto pretty much sums up our vision here at Copass: It’s not about work anymore.

At Copass we always feel kind of embarrassed explaining what we do and why we do it. I mean, we’re not about selling workspaces! Sure awesome and inspiring workplaces are key to Copass, but only because we believe they open doors to communities, to new ideas, to better travelling and simply living experiences – not because they’ll sell you the best seats!

With coworking spaces, you’re not just a random tourist consuming a new place. You’re just part of it.

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Is a Global Collaborative Economy Possible? Ask “The Sharing Bros”

Is it possible to travel for months, across continents, using only the collaborative economy? This is the question that The Sharing Bros have set out to answer. And because we think it’s a question worth answering, Copass has decided to sponsor them on their journey.

Collaborative Economy Nomads

The three entrepreneurs – Ivan, Mathieu and Roro – are living and travelling across North and South America for six months. Their trip is 21,000 kilometres long, crossing 15 countries. They plan to test, and to document, life in the collaborative economy on a global scale by giving voice to the people who compose it – and their motivations, histories and aspirations. With crowdfunded support, they plan to make a web series of their experiences during the trip, as well as producing a fully-fledged documentary about the collaborative economy on-the-go.

Where does Copass come in? We’re sponsoring them to cowork from spaces throughout their whole journey. We want to see how long-term nomadic coworkers use and enjoy Copass in real time. If their experiment is successful, it is further encouragement for us to develop our vision of global coworking so that we can work, live, and collaborate anywhere on earth.

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