Our Top 3 Favourite Tools for Remote Work


Working in different spaces, cities, countries and continents, we’re often asked the question: how do we do it, and what tools do we use?

If you know any of us at Copass, you probably know that we’re all over the place. On any given day, one of us may be in Belgium, another in Portugal, another in Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany or even the USA! Even if many times we’re in the same city, we love working from different spaces and getting fresh views on Paris all the time through its many amazing workspaces.

We love the serendipity and inspiration that comes from moving around to new spaces, and talking with new people all the time. The thing is, of course that sounds great, but how on earth do we stay productive? Thankfully there’s a huge range of very helpful cloud-based services and internet tools we use to be more productive than ever. Take a look at our top 3 favourites!

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