Cowork on a Catamaran sailing the world with Cobat


At this point, we’ve heard it all:

You can cowork in a castle, you can cowork in a van.

You can cowork in a factory, you can cowork in an arsenal.

You can cowork on a farm, you can cowork on a bus

you can work in a shipping container and you can cowork on a tropical island.

Now, you can cowork on a catamaran sailing the world. The very aptly-titled “Coboat” is an initiative to take the advancements and facilities of coworking spaces to the high seas around the globe. From Lisbon to Hong Kong, this is a mighty 82-foot retrofitted sailing vessel to circumnavigate the globe.


“Don’t differentiate between “This is a job” and “This is what I’m doing for fun.” It’s all simultaneous.” – Spike Jonze

With wind and solar-generated power, this boat can comfortably cowork 20 entrepreneurs. They like to discriminate between the concept of the “workspace” from what they offer, a veritable “workscape”. Against the dramatic sunsets of the Pacific, the impressive ports of the Mediterranean’s shipping cities or the majestic coastlines along the north of Africa, this is not a fantasy, this is your office.


It hosts all the amenities of your by-the-book coworking space – power charging stations, fast and steady wifi connection – plus some others, like equipment for water sports and fully equipped kitchen and bedrooms, you’ll feel at home quickly no matter where in the world you might be going.

There, you’ll also have the support of crew members, organizations and vested third parties who will travel along with you. It’s a fully equipped boat, from incubator-style assistance to the latest high-tech desalination equipment.


So, want to go? You can climb aboard for one week, one month or even a year! They provide assistance to help you get to the boat no matter where on earth they might be, and for any length of time you can be assured that you’re going to have the adventure of a lifetime.

As they say – don’t miss the boat on this one!

Come on you landlubbers, let’s go CoBoating.

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