The First Big Code & Surf Retreat


August 8-15, our friends from Outsite are teaming up with the fine folks at CareerFoundry, to host something awesome. And you’ve got the chance to grab one ticket for free, flights included to Santa cruz !

The event is the perfect balance of fun and work, something that (frankly) we wish we could go along to. It’s not complicated, and can be drilled down to three key components: Code + Surf + Have Fun = the Code & Surf Retreat.


Hosted in the beautiful all-American city of Santa Cruz, California, an all out righteous experience, man, where surfer dudes (and dudettes) can chill out and catch some dope waves in peace, under many a beautiful sunset. And the amazing thing is? Now you can join them!

Outsite is running a raffle in partnership with the cool guys from CareerFoundry, apply now, and you can go work and surf for free!


CareerFoundry do online courses in web development, product design, iOS and Android development and more. They’re providing the resources of some in-depth, full-on courses, and Outsite is providing the space, the surf and the community to match. In short, here’s what’s included:

– 7 days of awesomeness
– Surf lessons
– Rural hiking trips
– Homecooked barbecues
– Morning yoga lessons
– Your choice of two courses:
– EITHER an intensive week of a 1:1 web development program on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & jQuery
– OR a week of in-depth learning the UX process, with usability analysis and wireframing

And you’ll be staying in a beach villa with your (newly discovered) friends in the same place as the coworking space! The mornings will be spent coding and doing design, profiting from the cool courses that are being offered, and afternoons will be spent (where else?) surfing, hiking, and having barbecues and drinks on the beautiful Pacific beach just outside.


So, you’ve probably heard enough by now – where can you sign up for the raffle? Fret no more, and sign up right here!!

Good luck! I mean, we’re just saying that to be nice… because we’re competing with you to get it too, you know? ;)

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