Is a Global Collaborative Economy Possible? Ask “The Sharing Bros”

Is it possible to travel for months, across continents, using only the collaborative economy? This is the question that The Sharing Bros have set out to answer. And because we think it’s a question worth answering, Copass has decided to sponsor them on their journey.

Collaborative Economy Nomads

The three entrepreneurs – Ivan, Mathieu and Roro – are living and travelling across North and South America for six months. Their trip is 21,000 kilometres long, crossing 15 countries. They plan to test, and to document, life in the collaborative economy on a global scale by giving voice to the people who compose it – and their motivations, histories and aspirations. With crowdfunded support, they plan to make a web series of their experiences during the trip, as well as producing a fully-fledged documentary about the collaborative economy on-the-go.

Where does Copass come in? We’re sponsoring them to cowork from spaces throughout their whole journey. We want to see how long-term nomadic coworkers use and enjoy Copass in real time. If their experiment is successful, it is further encouragement for us to develop our vision of global coworking so that we can work, live, and collaborate anywhere on earth.

The Sharing Bros Collaborative Economy

In other words, The Sharing Bros are conducting an experiment in the kind of world we’re hoping to help build. A world where we can truly be there, anywhere, with people we like doing things we care about.

Is a Global Collaborative Economy Possible?

With amazing groups like OuiShare laying the groundwork for the collaborative economy, and organisations such as eBay, Airbnb, BlaBlaCar and more establishing a bigger market each day, there is no doubt that the collaborative economy is growing at an accelerating pace. In Europe and the Americas, services of collaboration are at our doorstep – instantly accessible, fun to use and super-easy to share.

But the interesting question is this: can we sustainably combine the collaborative economy on the one hand, with a nomadic lifestyle on the other? Is it possible – financially, practically, socially – to travel around the world for six months or one year solely making use of aspects of the collaborative economy? Foodsurfing by day, couchsurfing by night, coworking for income and carsharing for travel?

Obviously, there are many people whose lives already fit this description. But at Copass, we’re interested in finding out how normal, everyday folks (in this case city-based freelancers and entrepreneurs) can set aside their urban routines to travel and work around the world, at no extra cost, with no extra hassle.

That’s our dream, and we’re excited to see how The Sharing Bros try to make it a reality.


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