America: Copass Comes to the New World

So, it’s a new year. Time for some change. You’ve got New Years Resolutions, you’ve got the feeling of “tabula rasa,” you’re feeling fresh, you’re ready for anything? So are we! Do you want to know what we’ve got up our sleeve? Well, here we go:

Hello America. Copass has come to the New World.


The great US-of-A has always been on our radar. We knew that it was inevitable, we knew that we would eventually wash up on their shores, to cowork and collaborate with the ‘Yanks. Well, I knew anyhow, because I’m the one American on the team – so I had a sneaking suspicion all along.

Ways of the Old World

Europe has forever been our home-base. The dozens of cities we have spaces there have given us laboratories through which we can test our ideas, and moments when we could bring our vision of sharing “so much more than desks” to fruition.

Whether it’s been collaborating with CoworkLisboa to co-sponsor the first Copass Camp, participating in the OuiShare Summit based in 90 Main Yard, learning how to use a laser cutter with the great guys at Draft Ateliers, catching our first wave at the Surf Office, building a chicken coop at the countryside Mutinerie Village and more – Europe has been a wonderful place for us where we could test our ideas and have a lot of fun doing it.


The conferences have also been great – for the past four Coworking Europe Conferences (especially those in Barcelona and Lisbon), the digital nomads conference in Berlin, the Startup Rally in Zurich, the Ouishare Fest in Paris and more, have given us great opportunities to talk with people about our vision and to find nice communities of like-minded people no matter where we’ve been.

Copass Goes Red-White-and-Blue


But now, America’s a different thing entirely. In a very strategic move, the Copass guys decided to get an American on the team (an expat, nonetheless) to prepare our grand voyage across the channel. This guy (I’ll write in the first person in a second) has a real down-south go-get-em attitude (he’s from Georgia!) with a great expertise in all things American.

So, what’s the plan? I’ll be based in the high and mighty New York City for the month of January, checking out the coworking scene and communities of entrepreneurs there. You can find me on the NYC coworking space circuit, where I’ll be moving around to get to know people and organisations in the sharing economy and startup scene of the Big Apple.


I’m interested in seeing the great variety of spaces and communities there, and chatting with everyone about how they cowork, why they do it and what they love about it. Above all else, I’m extremely excited to get to know everyone I can meet, and to get introduced to the lives of coworkers, freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups in one of the most vibrant American cities.

Croissants in-hand, conversation on-the-mind and collaboration in-action, we’re excited to bring a bit of European spirit to America (through an American).

If you’re in NYC in January, shoot us a message or give us a Tweet, I’d love to hang out and chat with you!

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