Copass for Companies: Let’s meet the Digicomstory team

Photo © Julien Ermine

Photo © Julien Ermine

Normally people think that only solo workers can have a flexibles and dynamic way of working, but it’s not really like this. More and more often even companies decide to leave the “old generation” office routine to embrace a new way of working together in a flexible way. Today we present you a case that we particularly care about because they have been among the pioneers of Copass and they followed us in many adventures: the Digicomstory team.

Digicomstory is a small digital communication agency based in Paris, which has made of his size a point of strength and quality: they describe themselves “small but creatives” and very flexible in order to adapt to all client needs and timing. Their services range between the processing of the right social media strategy for brands, to the execution and management, till social media communication and influence and social media advertising.

The founder Anthony Besson started his activity working in a coworking space, but quickly the group grew up and he didn’t want to leave the flexibility of working in different places. While Digicomstory was growing, Copass was enlarging the number of spaces and the nomad feature was each day more clear. Lalaina, Leila e Emeline, which joined Anthony in this adventure, were enthusiastic for this flexibility and it was a prerogative for them to work with him in the agency.

The challenge

“When we started to use Copass in a team, we were frightened about losing some reference points. The fact of working each day in a different space was exciting, but at the same time we didn’t want to lose productivity and working groups. But we were able to find out a good compromise, a mix between fixed elements and variable ones, for instance:

  • Everyone is free to arrive and leave any time but we try to be all present in the coworking  between h10 and h18.
  • The first and the last day of the week we always work from the same two spaces, while during the week we explore new ones
  • Anthony chooses the spaces that we will discover during the week and he shares them on a shared calendar

With these simple rules we have all that we need: the constant element to be productive and don’t loose time each day, but at the same time we have a little spirit of adventure and the taste of exploration which breaks the routine.

The fact of not taking the same metro, not doing the same itinerary, not meeting the same faces and not respecting the same day timing has a great impact on our mood and energy, we don’t feel to be trapped in the classical routine that french people summarize with the sentence “metro, boulot, dodo” (metro, work, sleep)”.

Coworkshop coworking in Paris

Photo © Stefano Borghi Cartier


“For us an evident advantage lives in the fact that this freedom and flexibility has a fixed and good price. We don’t have to think about the cost of everything everyday. We know that with our Copass plan we have all coworking spaces included so we can checkin anytime and in every space we need, and we can really focus on our tasks.

Another advantage resides in the fact that any extra expense that we might need (printing, meeting room, beverages, etc) can be charged directly on the agency account, without pulling out the credit card and without extra invoice to be registered.”

“Everything becomes easy and fluent, we only have a single invoice for all the expenses of all four of us…a dream! Without Copass we would be obliged to give up to all this!”.

The best checkin?

“Mmm a checkin that was actually different from the others! This year we granted a Copass Camp all together in Fuerteventura. Working in front of the ocean with a group of new interesting people and exploring the island in the spare time was very recharging!”

The Digicomstory team during the Copass Camp in Fuerteventura / group picture

Which plans for the team?

For Digicomstory the coworking spaces are the routine places of working, the team works everyday together even if in different spaces, so they decided to have a plan that includes

4 unlimited subscriptions, in order to have an unlimited number of checkin.

Even if they are based in Paris, they travel quite often in France or abroad for work or holidays and even in these cases they take advantage to discover new coworking spaces and work from remote. In this way they can profit of low flight fares thanks to their flexibility.

Statistics from Digicomstory team

Some numbers

At present the Digitcomstory team has worked in more than 24 different coworking, in 11 towns between Europe and US. In little more than 1 year the team has grown from 1 to 4 members and has done more than 500 checkin.

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