Want to Be a Hero? Meet Copasser Christophe and the Amazing Hexo+

We met Christophe Baillon before we even started coding Copass. Among other things, he is taking part in one of the most successful French Kickstarter campaigns ever, with Hexo+, an autonomous drone that will follow and film you on-the-go. This drone can turn anyone into a hero! And besides being an accomplished, passionate multi-entrepreneur, Christophe was actually one of the very first Copass users ever. Check out what he has to say about his experience as an entrepreneur and Copasser!

Christophe Baillon Copass Hexo+

Hi Christophe! Could you tell us quickly who you are and what you’re working on?

I’m 34. I’m an autodidact and have been very fond of software development since I was five years old. I created ‘Sogilis’ in 2008, a company (operating without a manager) of 20 passionate people who make innovative software. Sogilis has notably developed a safety-critical component for the A350 (where a bug can cause a crash and death), but also it has worked with a lot a web startups and medical projects.

Otherwise, I’m also the co-founder of Startup Maker, a Lean Startup accelerator and investment fund that operates on the concept of Lean Investment.

One of the projects Startup Maker has supported is on its way to be one of the most successful hardware kickstarter campaigns ever! Tell us a bit more about this project and how you helped it grow.

Indeed, ‘Squadrone System’ is a startup in which I’m involved with both Startup Maker and Sogilis. Squadrone System made the Hexo+, the first smart and autonomous drone that follows and films you. The Hexo+ project brings aerial filming to everyone.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Hexo+, and made 300K$ in one day, 600K$ in one week, and for now, we reached more than 950k$!

It’s a such amazing project! The Sogilis guys are used to working on avionics systems. It’s very exciting to participate in this great project and to move our experience of avionics to the drone industry. We want drones to become as safe as civil airplanes are.

You’ve been one of the first Copassers ever. What do you like and how do you use it?

My professional activity makes me travel a lot. I really enjoy the Copass platform because I can check available coworking places at a glance when traveling. When I plan a business trip, the first thing I do is find the right coworking space on Copass, and to check the profile of coworkers I would like to meet. It’s a really good way to create opportunities, to meet new people and to do business.

What do you think Copass can bring to your company?

At Sogilis, we have a flat management organisation. People self-organise. Sometimes they prefer working from other countries. Copass is a platform which simplifies and centralises the management process for spaces around the world in one place. Giving the opportunity to everyone at Sogilis to work remotely is a rich experience, because we create a context promoting serendipity and collaboration.

Where are your favourite spots for coworking so far ? Where do you spend most of your time?

The Sogilis headquarters is in Grenoble (France). I often have meetings in Paris, and I like working at Mutinerie, my favourite space. Even if my office is in Grenoble, I sometimes like working at Cowork In Grenoble. Recently, I have been working in Vienna at LOffice Wien.

What’s your dream location for a coworking space? (desert island, top of a mountain…)

My dream would be to find a coworking space on top of a mountain, with a magnificent scenic view on the sea. Please keep me informed when such a space appears on Copass!

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