Cowork in a Bright Yellow Van in France


Taking the idea of remote working to a whole other level, welcome to our most mobile coworking space ever: L’Annexe Yelloworking. Yes, you’re seeing it correctly: this is not your normal workspace, you can cowork in a bright yellow van, careening around the roads of the French Riviera daily to the perfect sun-drenched, permanent-summer beachside locales.

But don’t worry, the wifi’s all good. You’ll be working from a portable 4G modem, which provides better internet than you would probably get in many landline coworking spaces! It won’t be too crowded, as the van can welcome only three people, meaning it’s great for team getaways, or an intimate workday with some new friends.


The thing is – it’s equipped only with two workstations in the van. Meaning that someone will just have to get their surf on, or go for a bike ride, or a jog, or some sunbathing. What a drag, am I right? Just imagine the mid-afternoon phone call – “yeah, sorry, the workspace is too full right now so I’m just being forced to catch some awesome waves on the Côte d’Azur… can we reschedule?”

Yelloworking Annexe 2_display

You’ll have plenty of power stations from a dedicated in-van battery, and a reserve of 20 liters of water after some intense programming sessions (or wave-catching sessions), creative pow-wows (or frisbee games), communications plan brainstorming (or jogging forays), etc. This is no joke, it’s a serious place to get stuff done – whether it’s polishing your surf board or your marketing plan, well that bit’s up to you…

Check out the awesome L’Annexe Yelloworking on Copass *with a discount!* If you’re curious to use the van, just shoot them a message on their space page, and you can arrange a date.

Happy Covanning!

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