Coworking in Bali: Hubud


Hubud can be summed up in one phrase: a serious case of office envy.

The natural sounds and fresh air of the lush rainforest around, Hubud is situated between rice paddies and dramatic ravines in the foothills of Bali’s mountains, in the beautiful town of Ubud. Beats the traffic and pollution of most cities, eh?

The Big Picture


This is the oldest coworking space in Bali, and it’s a space that sets the standard of coworking in Asia. It was cofounded by Peter Wall and Steve Munroe from Canada, with an idea that is pretty amazing: if you can work anywhere, why not work in paradise?

With a growing community of over 200 entrepreneurs, techies, creators and startuppers, you’ll find yourself a little slice of paradise among some truly fascinating people and pathways.

What You’ll Learn from this Space

Where Hubud really exceeds, is in helping you to realise a perfect work-life balance.

You know, just one of Hubud's "meeting rooms."

You know, just one of Hubud’s “meeting rooms.”

It’s something we read about a lot, but we believe that it’s not really something you understand until you’re sitting back catching the breeze in the January summer sunshine, sipping a fresh smoothie, in a communications strategy meeting. If you visit Hubud, you’ll really learn the meaning of “work-life balance” by really living it.

If you can work anywhere, why not work in paradise?

Where You’ll Find the Space

Ubud is the cultural centre of the island, and in that sense the history of this small town is truly the history of Bali itself. According to what we know, the Ubud was founded when a Javanese Hindu priest arrived on the island in the 8th century, and meditated near the modern day city centre. Since then, monasteries and extraordinary cave temples have been established in the area.

In Ubud, rice fields and the town intermingle.

In Ubud, rice fields and the town intermingle.

Throughout the centuries, Ubud was a cultural and religious centre with burgeoning art and trade that was home to competing dynasties and aristocratic families. Today, you’ll find Hubud just a short walk from the town centre, surrounded by restaurants and hotels just at its doorstep.

Tip! Take a brief sojourn to the Ubud Monkey Forest, which is only 80 metres from the coworking space. There you’ll find around 600 monkeys with over a hundred species of trees, spread across 27 acres!

Where You’ll Be Working

THIS is where you will find your office:


The rule is this – shoes off when you enter the space.

Not bad, right? The space is ecologically constructed and made from sustainable materials. It’s finished primarily with artisanal bamboo and flooring made from recycled wood. The view is just as good outside as it is inside – with a rice field and volcano vista from the garden.

The rule is this – shoes off when you enter the space. Pretty good way to chill out and get productive at the same time – because, don’t worry, they’ve got all the essentials and more (printer, scanner, whiteboards, paper cutters, even sling shots).

Where You’ll Be Living

Hubud is up to some pretty exciting stuff outside of their space – just in their backyard, you can find the Hubud Villa, a live-in experience for teams of entrepreneurs. With maids, cooks, yoga and a private pool, this five bedroom place is a great getaway for team building and relaxation. Check with Hubud about availability.

Hubud Villa 1

The Hubud Villa, in all it’s glory.

If you’re looking for something as scenic, romantic and breathtaking as it is affordable, then look into the Abangan Bungalows. With low rates and surrounded by forest, it’s a great choice located just 1km away from the city centre. Or try Tegal Sari – it’s not in the hustle and bustle of Ubud’s central streets, but within walking distance of the city’s markets and Monkey Forest.

Tip! It’s recommended to rent a scooter (or get a bike) if you’re staying for over a month. Depending on where you live, it might be helpful to get around, and to travel the island. But be careful! Traffic regulations are… negotiable in Bali, so make sure you’re confident on wheels before doing anything crazy!

The Events You Will Go To

You’re going to learn a lot from this space. They have events at least three or four nights every single week. For example: learn about the intricacies of unconscious programming in neuroscience, learn how to make an app that doesn’t suck, join their “Balinese Culture 101″ to discover the ins-and-outs of Balinese weddings, discover “Gift Rapping” (a quadrilingual guy who composes personalised raps), and see a great movie at a Bitcoin Film Festival.


Tip! Occasionally they’ll throw an event called Bali Bard, where musical guests (and coworkers who are musically talented) play, sing and narrate at this open storytelling event.

What You Will Eat

Beef Rendang: it's the stuff dreams are made of.

Beef Rendang: it’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Ubud is not only a cultural centre of Bali, but it’s also a culinary one. You’ll find more than enough amazing restaurants for such a small place, including Mangga Madu Restaurant with traditional Balinese classics like nasi goreng (fried rice), cap chai (stir fried vegetables) or beef rendang (caramelised beef curry…. could it get any better sounding?!) – all at very reasonable prices.

Eco Brides, Bali Dreaming

The view from Sari Organic…

You should also try Sari Organik for a healthy twist on delicious Balinese favourites. Their juices are absolutely amazing, but what you really should go for is the view. This restaurant is based out in the middle of rice fields – where you’ll get some of the most picturesque scenery you could ever imagine for dinner, especially at sunset.

Your After-Hours

If you’re looking to finish your day lounging in the sun with a drink and some soothing, mellow tunes from around the world – you’ve gotta try The Laughing Buddha. With an international lineup of blues, soul, samba and latin bands, get there for their Happy Hour (from 4-7pm) for buy one get-one-free cocktails. “Buddhalicious,” man.

Just another night at the Jazz Café.

A night at the Jazz Café.

Little might you know, but there’s also one of Indonesia’s most happening jazz bars right in Ubud! At the Jazz Café Bali, you’ll find fresh jazz several times every week – some nights for dancing, others for chilling with a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. (Keep an eye out for the artist Balawan, he has an amazing “8 Fingers Touch Style” technique on guitar that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen…)

The Practical Stuff

<<< Get all of the practical info for Hubud right here! >>>

Happy coworking!
The Copass Crew

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