Coworking in Fuerteventura: HUB Fuerteventura


What should you expect?

A wall of plants, sunny surfing, tapas nights, local community, aloe vera ice cream and volcanoes.

The Big Picture

Your experience of coworking in Fuerteventura will be very similar to that of travelling to the island. Upon arriving, you’ll quickly find that it’s not what you were expecting. Full of surprises, full of dedication, of vision and full of fun – it’s a model coworking space that will leave you, like the island, wanting to come back for more.

The thing to understand about HUB Fuerteventura, is that it’s a work-place for your mind and body. And no, I don’t mean that like you might expect – in the sense that spaces have yoga classes, or pilates, or running sessions. Here you’ll find full-on sea sport experiences.


From apnea lessons to kite surfing and scuba diving – here you’ll cowork your body and your mind on land and sea.

And while it’s true that the allure of the sea and the excitement of these activities is what might bring you to the Canary Islands, you’ll see that it’s the people who will keep you there.

At the HUB, you’re getting yourself into a lot more than you bargained for.

What You’ll Learn from the Space

You’ll learn about something really unique if you spend a week or more at HUB Fuerteventura: what it’s like to establish a community of digital workers from scratch. Before the HUB, this small, relatively uninhabited island paradise had no real centre for tech workers, entrepreneurs, startups or nomads.


But it’s not so surprising if you think about it. Many people go to an island to find isolation – to get away from all of the networking and connecting that goes on in the continental metropolis. As one coworker described it, “When you go to Fuerteventura, the island “islands” you” – it’s easy to cut yourself off from others in the way the island cuts you off from the world.

But the HUB is here to buck the trend. And like other spaces, it’s all in the name. Sebastian, the space founder, envisioned this to be a centre for digital workers on the island – the go-to destination to meet, collaborate, and thrive together. And, since they opened at the beginning of 2015 (!) they’ve been doing exactly that: the space is growing in size and activity quicker than you might imagine.

Where You’ll Find the Space


Corralejo is the picturesque northern town in which you’ll find HUB Fuerteventura. Maybe an unlikely destination given its size and distance from the island’s capital, Puerto de Rosario, but as soon as you spend one day in the town you’ll understand the logic behind this choice.

The town is really in a transition period: since the ’80s it’s grown as a tourist centre, with English, German and French people flocking for the sun and sand. But now, after the economic crisis, the tourism business has slowed significantly. Today it’s sustainable, not too intrusive, and not full of huge hotels or streets lined with tour buses.


You’ll find it’s a nice balance between local and touristic vibe, with much of the town remaining a “real place” with local stores, businesses and residents going about their everyday life. And the cool thing about the HUB is that it imports this local vibe, pace and spirit into the space: it’s not just a room where you work, it’s a door to the culture of the town.

Tip! Getting from the airport to Corralejo is actually really easy! You can take a cab for around €40-45, or two buses (changing from the airport to Puerto de Rosario, and Puerto de Rosario to Corralejo directly). While you might hear that this is the other side of the earth for “local distances,” it’s a super easy commute!

Where You’ll Be Working


Stepping into HUB Fuerteventura is a breath of fresh air. And I mean that literally, because of the awesome wall of plants they have in the back of the space. Local greenery brightens up the space just enough to keep you focused, without (really) making you want to go outside for the sun and surf.

(Although we have to admit, it can get pretty difficult…)

You’ll find a large room with a separate private office for calls or meetings, and there’s two rooms downstairs for local events and classes they host. It’s located just two minutes from the closest beach and stand-up paddle spot, and three minutes from the city’s port.


Founded just some months ago (in the beginning of 2015) this space has a refreshing spirit and a modern vibe in the middle of this well-aged fishing village. It’s in a quieter, more residential part of Corralejo away from the tourist activities – but if you want lots of great restaurants and bars, they’re only less than ten minutes away by foot.

Tip! Try the gluten free snacks above the fridge in the side room. They’re. Absolutely. Amazing. I know, the words “gluten free” and “amazing snacks” might not go together often – but stop while you’re ahead and try these snacks. They’re made locally and are totally delicious, especially the truffles. Mmm…

Where You’ll Be Living


The nice thing about coming to work at the HUB, is that your accommodation problems are solved. You can live and work (and surf, and cycle, etc) in a one-stop shop. In fact, through Copass, you can get one day of coworking + accommodation for €27. That’s good, because it leaves you some money for surf lessons… :)

You’ll stay in the very nice Casa Carmen if you decide to take this option, a luxury waterside villa facing Fuerte’s beautiful sunsets over the ocean. With two big shared living rooms, a shared kitchen and five bedrooms (two shared ones), you’ll make yourself at home very quickly.


(During our stay there, we met a lot of cool people from around the world in only a couple of days! It’s an ideal co-living experience, with just the right amount of privacy!)

Plus, if you want to learn Spanish, this might be the perfect opportunity, as Sebastian helps coordinate a Spanish + Surf School group at Casa Carmen. If you’re looking to brush up on these things during your stay on the island (and why not, it’s the best place to do it), you could get some work done and get a little extra on the side!

The Events You Will Go To


As the HUB is still such a young coworking space, their events are just getting off the ground – but it’s doing an impressive job given its young age and community!

You’ll find that it truly is a hub for digital workers on the island with regular meetups that go on every Friday afternoon (what better way to get to know your fellow workers than over a beer and tapas, hm?) This informal session will allow you to share what you’re working on, and to connect with other people in ways you might, and might not expect.

Otherwise, there’s a regular schedule of different workshops that go on at the HUB. For example, you could join to discover the island’s secret landscapes through a photography course. Or, you could come along for a few language lessons to brush up on your high school-level Spanish knowledge while you’re there coworking.

And beyond that, if you want to take your events to the extreme, just speak with Sebastian about some group surfing and maybe you can have an expedition to one of the island’s best and most secret beaches after work! (You’ll get recommendations on where to go depending on the day, the tide and the weather, from real experts!)

What You Will Eat

Chateaubriand Steak  Cooked to perfection by my wife (she's a veggie too) as a surprise for our 1st Wedding anniversary. It was delicious!

The Chateaubriand was so good, we had it twice in one week.

The perfect introduction to your culinary experience of the island is Corralejo’s once-a-month tapas nights that run in the spring and summertime. The HUB guys go out on the town for this, and you’re bound to discover some amazing food that you would never otherwise experience on this little city tour food adventure!

If you want more fish than you could ever eat in a day, you’ve gotta try Avenida. It was the first place we went to dinner in Corralejo, and we didn’t take warnings from HUB members not to order too much food – a half plate is more than enough per person.

After ordering whole plates for each person, we realised our mistake. It was impossible to finish all of this food. Even though we were totally starving upon arrival, this is truly Man vs. Food style portions. If you manage to eat one of these whole plates plus appetisers, please tell us and we’ll give you an honorary Copass Fish Eater award.


One thing we have to recommend is Chateaubriand from the kitsch Hawaiian restaurant in town, “Waikiki.” Yes. It’s touristy, it’s cheesy, the menu is in twenty languages. Typically not the kind of places we would recommend. But trust us.

Eric and I aren’t lying to you when we say it was the best steak we’ve ever had. So good we went there twice in one week.

And if you feel like topping off your steak dinner with some of the best gelato you’ve ever tasted, go to “El Gusto” and get the aloe vera ice cream. Spectacular.

Your After-Hours

For after-hours, don’t just sit in somewhere for cocktails in the town’s tourist district. Get out, explore and take some time to discover what the island has to offer. Here’s just a few things that we encountered in our time there – we’ll leave the rest to you to discover the amazing secrets of this island paradise.






Black Sand Beaches.

wEnDy Follow Chateaubriand  01.14.2011   Chateaubriand Prime center cut of filet mignon paired with a Ponzu sauce   Gyu-Kaku 34 Cooper Square


The Practical Stuff

<<< Get all of the practical info for HUB Fuerteventura right here! >>>

Happy coworking!
The Copass Crew

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