Coworking in Ibiza: Cowork Ibiza


What should you expect?

Long sandy beaches, medieval knights, skateboard walls, absinthe in birdcages, picture-perfect sunsets, a drawbridge, a psychologist and a self-sustainable island work community.

The Big Picture

As the guys at Cowork Ibiza advertise, “there’s no place like home,” quickly reminding you that “don’t worry – you’ll be able to go back every day!” How kind of them, but we’re not sure you’ll want to go back home after a day in this space.

Here’s what you’re in for: a stellar community of designers and artists, with tasty Spanish food, a Batman poster and a wall of skateboards (there’s always a cool exhibition on the rotation) – plus a beautiful beach right down the street…


“Coworking Ibiza is a highly contagious space – No coworker is immune!”

And did we mention you’d be in Ibiza? This is it – if you’re looking for coworking in Ibiza, look no further than (the straightforwardly-named) Cowork Ibiza.

Cofounded by Spaniards Salva & Sandra (respectively a photographer and a psychologist), who would’ve thought that this would be a great combination of skills to run a kick-ass coworking space?


One with over 10 years of experience in branding, packaging and industrial photography, the other with 7 years of experience in psycho-oncology and everything from festival event organising to e-therapy and persuasive technologies – this is a dynamic duo whose unique capacities have created a truly unique space.

“Coworking Ibiza is a highly contagious space – No coworker is immune!” – they warn. It’s no surprise that they treat “respect, trust, autonomy and collaboration” as viruses that can be transmitted with no resistance! It’s no wonder, with this logic that indeed as they say: “the effects of this epidemic make Cowork Ibiza a happy space!”

What You’ll Learn from the Space

Capture d’écran 2015-06-10 à 17.56.58

You’re going to learn one thing for sure at Cowork Ibiza: Ibiza is not only for partying. There is a thriving business dimension of the island which is actually quite developed, that very few people are familiar with – or even aware of. It’s the true downside of how tourist marketing stereotypes affect a place.

The part of Ibiza that you’ve seen in commercials and on billboards is a very small part of the island as a whole. Let’s dismantle this stereotype through some quick myth busting:

Capture d’écran 2015-06-10 à 17.59.09

Myth: Ibiza is only good in the summer.

FALSE. Like many places in this part of Spain, the weather is great for 9 months of the year – and good to take note of the 6-month period outside of the tourist season because flights are cheap and beaches are pristine!

Capture d’écran 2015-06-10 à 17.58.40

Myth: Ibiza is only full of cheesy clubs.

FALSE. The entire northern coast of the island is not at all touristic. There, you have tons of outdoor and sport activities to do such as surfing, wind surfing, hiking, biking, diving and much more!

Where You’ll Find the Space

To no surprise, you’ll find Cowork Ibiza right in the island’s capital, Ibiza Town. As I’m sure you know, for better or worse the island is full of infamous clubs. BUT, they only exist for some months of the year, and outside of that you’ll find the local area to be really nice (especially outside of the months June-September). Thankfully Ibiza Town is spared of the big hotspots, so it’s a little more tranquil.

For example, did you have any idea that this club capital is also home to an outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Site? Dalt Vila (“High Town”) is a huge hilltop fortress, where you enter through a drawbridge surrounded by statues made from Roman stone. Full of overhanging Catalan gothic buildings and cobblestone winding streets – this will prepare you for the variety of experiences this island has to offer you!

Capture d’écran 2015-06-10 à 18.04.22

A twenty minute stroll from the top of these ancient ramparts will take you to the island’s go-to coworking space. Located in a quiet residential neighbourhood, far from the sights and sounds of the tourist district or clubbing zone, Cowork Ibiza is sheltered by what one might call the elements of a “normal life” (but, on a beautiful Balearic Island).

Alex Harries | Playa d'en Bossa, again

There is an organic shop next door, a calm park just a block away, and all the other local amenities you might need. The exceptional part is that one of the city’s main beaches is at the end of the street! La Playa de ses Figueretes is a low-key beach (out of peak tourist season) with many restaurants, running south from the city centre out of town to the Playa d’en Bossa – the longest sand beach on the island.

Tip! Trust us, renting a car is a great way to get around and to see all of the natural beauty the island has to offer, but you’ll pay for it with city centre parking prices. Even near Cowork Ibiza, parking is pretty expensive. We recommend a really smart app called EYSAMobile, that allows you to pay from your phone whenever you arrive somewhere, instead of struggling to find a person or pay-box!

Tip #2! If you don’t feel like renting a car, don’t fret! The island has bus services that run between almost all of the major beaches!

Where You’ll Be Working


You’ll find Cowork Ibiza to be a perfectly self-sufficient, self-contained open ecosystem.

Cowork Ibiza is a luminous, refreshing change from the urban 1970s apartment developments outside, and the tourist resorts on the beaches. With whitewashed walls and upcycled wooden light fixtures, you’ll work on ergonomic wooden tables with comfy minimalist chairs. With one wall covered in colorful skateboards as a temporary art exhibition, and a huge batman poster greeting you at the entrance – you know you’re in for something a little different here.


They even boast their own photo studio, with ample professional lighting equipment. And while the infrastructure is great – it’s the people that really give life to this space. The community is complete here, in the sense of having representation across all industries, and the quality of their work is very high. You’ll find a graphic designer, a translator, an animation designer, a programmer – and more. You’ll find Cowork Ibiza to be a perfectly self-sufficient, self-contained open ecosystem.


You have two speeds in Ibiza: the local time, where stores are open from 10-2, then closed until 2-5 – and the more normal time of 9-5. At Cowork Ibiza, they’re flexible but open all day so you can accommodate yourself to your own schedule. (But remember the beach is just down the road, so mid-day siesta is not such a bad idea…)


And they also offer a half-day unlimited plan, which means you can go cowork whenever you want in the morning OR afternoon for half-the price of a normal day! Pretty interesting pricing model for a coworking space, it’s perfectly accommodating if you want to take some daytime to explore the island, or just relax on its calm beaches.

Where You’ll Be Living

We recommend you avoid all of the resort riffraff and instead find a nice home to stay in while you’re around, which isn’t so difficult during non-peak season. Check out AirBnB of course, but also look into the more local version of AirBnB called Rentalia which has a great selection.


So, want the buzz and activity city centre? Try finding a place on or nearby the picturesque Carrer Enmig. Located in proximity to all of the city’s major nightlife, you could stay in this beautiful white-stucco house, in this retro-60s modern flat, in a place with *this* view or in this old hardwood-floor renovation. Oh, the possibilities, right?


And, more calm and quiet stays? The hill of the city offers great views and low noise levels. For some inspiration, you could check out this charming apartment, wake up to this incredible view, start to feel at home in this cosy abode and even sleep in an old lighthouse! With a morning beach-walk commute to a bright sea-view sunrise to Cowork Ibiza – you really couldn’t ask for much more than this :)

The Events You Will Go To


As the destination tech-space on Ibiza, you can bet that it’s a focal point for entrepreneurship events and meetups. They often host networking get-togethers in order to create an island-wide community, by raising visibility of like-minded independent workers, creatives and professionals. What’s more, they also organise the island’s Coworking Week to help foster interconnections between industries and skillets, to better cooperate and collaborate in building the rising tech and art scene of Ibiza.

In order to further help the growth of this tech scene, they occasionally run sessions and workshops on business development. From marketing and sales tips, to customer experience optimisation, to team-building, product innovation and business adaptation – they cover all the bases and, much like their community is quite “complete” and whole unto itself, here too their expertise and events cover pretty much everything you’ll need!

Tip! They also host musicians and art exhibitions, make sure to check one of these out and you’ll get a real sense of the community there, and have a lot of fun while doing it! Check out Ibiza Swing, a local guitar & clarinet music duo, as an example of the type of stuff they organise.

What You Will Eat


What stay in Ibiza would be complete without some… Mexican food? (Didn’t see that coming, did you?) Well, turns out one of the best restaurants in Ibiza Town happens to be some of the most authentic Mexican street food you can find. CanaMexicana, owned and cooked up by the same guy, chef Javi (who’s been doing it for years), he’s well-known by the locals and can make you a mean quesadilla.


If you want some more authentic mediterranean food, for delicious fresh fish we’d recommend stopping into Peter Pan, a cosy little establishment right on the port. For some great Spanish tapas, try Mar a Vila a bit more in-town (and taste the chocolate truffles for desert, not too expensive and they’re amazing!)

For more tapas goodness, try a bite at Ke Kafe – in a traditional Ibiza ambiance with wooden ceiling beams and stone walls. And otherwise, if you feel like just wandering to look for a great place to eat near Cowork Ibiza, take a walk on Carrer de Múrcia and you’re bound to find something tasty.

Your After-Hours


First, there’s of course the legendary globally-acclaimed clubbing nightlife of Ibiza.

You can find plenty reviews for that elsewhere, but we’d recommend one unique off-the-wall place, Bar 1805, that you have to see. It’s essentially a cocktail bar distilled with the spirit and heart of Ibiza (and they serve a special absinthe drink out of birdcages, which is pretty nuts).

Owned and operated by Charlie, as one has described him “a cool and funny man,” it’s a quirky and original place that takes you back to what made Ibiza so special before the huge club scene. It’s a perfect place to begin or (and?) end a night in this action-packed city.

Second, there’s an EPIC medieval festival that takes place in Ibiza, called Eivissa Medieval. Every year, in the second week of May, this is hosted in the city’s UNESCO Heritage Site center, with over 500 flags, awnings, banners and panels plus 40 hand-painted murals with over 60 craft markets! They cover up modern infrastructure with tapestries, and even hide traffic barriers with bales of hay – it’s as if you stepped into a time machine.

Capture d’écran 2015-06-10 à 18.03.16

Third, we can’t emphasize enough how you have to get out and about to discover this island on its own terms. At the beginning and end of the tourist season, the island is open and beautiful and the prices change completely (for accommodation, tourism, renting cars, watersports, etc). What you should do is rent a car and drive around, until you find a lovely beach with a chiringuito. These are bars located on beaches that serve freshly prepared locally-sourced fish (and most have wifi, even if not super fast).

Here are some of our favourite beaches for you to check out:

-Sa Caleta
-Cala Carbò
-Cala d’Hort
-Cala Conta
-Cala Salada

The Practical Stuff

<<< Get all of the practical info for Cowork Ibiza right here! >>>

Happy coworking!
The Copass Crew

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  1. Thank you for such a nice review about my dear island and home. It’s comforting to read something about Ibiza that goes beyond nightlife and clubbing. :-)

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