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Although Silicon Valley is the poster child of the region, Santa Cruz brings just as much to the table and this is nowhere more evident than through the crop of unique working spaces now popping up all over town.

Digital nomads are flocking to do their coworking in Santa Cruz with just 40 minutes drive to Silicon Valley, and the reward on arrival of 29 miles of beaches. Santa Cruz has a bustling community of excited free spirits, all committed to bringing their creativity and innovation to a new working lifestyle.


From tech companies, to freelancers, entrepreneurs to business incubators; coworking spaces are providing customized work environments that offer the professional, productive atmosphere people need with the lifestyle those same people have worked so hard to create for themselves included.

So if you’re longing for the coast, and a working week with a laptop under one arm and a surfboard under the other sounds pretty fine, these four Santa Cruz coworking spaces may be just the thing to make your dreams come true.

1. Outsite


With the tagline ‘Now you can work from anywhere’, Outsite certainly fulfills its proposition to change the rules of how work used to be. Entrepreneurs and start ups taking meetings or ‘doing time’ in Silicon Valley need no longer have angst over logistics.


A beach villa with accommodation, that has welcomed digital nomads and entrepreneurs alike, Outsite’s villa includes comfortable functional workspaces, plus the essential lifestyle extras. Guests can enjoy organic coffee, bikes, board and wetsuit storage, group dinners, movie nights, and beach activities such as yoga and volleyball.

Oh and the surfing of course – in the sea, as well as online. Just a block from the coast, Outsite’s location offers dozens of local beaches plus forests, mountains, hiking trails and a short walk to many of Santa Cruz’s great cafes for when you need a change of scenery.

2. Next Space


‘America’s largest independent worker organisation’ may have coworking spaces in almost a dozen locations across California but it all started in Santa Cruz. Next Space’s Cooper street coworking opened in 2008 and was the launching pad for the duplication of their concept across the state.

It’s a short stroll away from the river, which leads you straight to the beach. Check emails, check the surf report, drink a coffee, quick skype call, go for a surf, repeat.


Memberships offer 24 hour access 7 days a week and plenty of great amenities. Bottomless cups of tea and coffee, conference room facilities, printing and special member events make it the ultimate professional space. Café space is available or you can upgrade to your very own desk, and in time, your very own office. Next Space’s offering is really the best of what coworking should be.

3. Cruzioworks


High speed secure internet is an essential requirement for the modern day digital nomad and coworking at Cruzioworks will give you speeds that will take your breath away. Cruzio is one of California’s biggest Internet service providers that also just happens to offer coworking spaces at its headquarters in downtown Santa Cruz.


Big windows, flexible workspaces and membership options, the essential on site organic coffee and snack bar as well as conference facilities, break room and unlimited printing, scanning and faxing deliver all that today’s professional needs.

Cruzioworks also stays in touch with who their members are to facilitate networking opportunities between members and encourages community interaction within their member base.

4. ChangeBound


Coworking facility ChangeBound recently joined forces with business incubator SlingshotSV to create the newest space in Santa Cruz and what’s thought to be the first coworking space anywhere tailored to young entrepreneurs.

ChangeBound is a non-profit organisation and doesn’t fit the traditional flexible model of workspace rental with added extras. It offers a more specific yet comprehensive approach by targeting young entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups for an incubation style arrangement.


The collaboration offers physical space of course, but in addition has a team of experts at their disposal to provide mentorship, guidance, advice and resources where needed. The advantage is the opportunity for a low cost investment in workspace, but with invaluable added extras. No rates are available online, but direct contact via their website is welcomed.

5. Bonus – Code & Surf Retreat!

anthony_goto | Santa Cruz

Have you had enough of the 9-5? The guys and gals at CareerFoundry know how you feel. Which is why they’ve launched a Code & Surf Retreata chance for you to win a week in the Santa Cruz sunshine learning Web Development or UX Design in the mornings and spending your afternoons deep in surf. Want to find out more? Head over to the Code & Surf Retreat site to enter, and good luck!

Deadline is Midnight on Wednesday 24th June so make sure you hurry!


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