The Coworking Spain Conference 2015

Marc Hemisfèric, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias – City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia (Spain), HDR The Hemisfèric was inaugurated in 1998 and was the first building in the City of Arts and Sciences to open its doors to the public. It is a spectacular construction designed by Santiago Calatrava, with an ovoid roof over 100 metres long that contains in its interior the large sphere that constitutes the projection room ( HDR from five bracketed exposures (1EV steps), on a tripod.

We’re very happy to be collaborating with Coworking Spain during their April 24-26 conference! We’ve been there each year since the very beginning, and it’s one of our favourite “meetings” around coworking in the world.

Coworking Spain is a strong force, and an prime example, for coworking as a movement in Europe and around the world. They are probably the best national network in Europe! These guys have built great momentum in Spain around the concept of coworking, and have led to the sharing of people and ideas between collaborative workspaces from Seville to Barcelona, Bilbao to Gibraltar.

They’ve done a top job of unifying the people and bringing together the diverse versions and variations of coworking in Spain, and much like we love, they celebrate diversity and always encourage collaboration. Building on their years of work since 2010, they established their first national conference in 2012, and now they’re hosting their fourth one!

On top of all that, they also wrote a very useful book for coworking managers, they organise Coworking Workshops and they offer other services as consulting and marketing to people that want to start a new space in Spain.

The Shared City, The Shared Community

This year, the conference theme is “La Ciudad Compartida,” or “The Shared City.”

For the first time they organised their program on 3 “difficulty” levels (novice, standard and expert) to define the kind of content the session will talk about and to maximise the efficacy of the event for each participant. We’ll see how it goes – we love to test new formats and improvements!

Even if they don’t mind about calling their event a “Conference” instead of an “Unconference”, this event is a real meeting point to know, work and have fun with all the actors of Spanish entourage.

As only latin people can do at best, they really take care of all the “off-scene” moments, and create multiple environments during those two days, which match different moods of participation: just listening, more workshop and working-style activities, and even acting or playing to learn something new or have just fun!

This year is even more special for us because we’re happy to participate with our own vision via our Copass Camp to provide a welcoming environment for attendees of the conference in a shared communal living space, the Red Nest in central Valencia, with some fun activities to bring it all together.

Come experience this with us for four special days, as we put the principles of the Coworking Spain Conference into action around the city.

From a welcome dinner, to hanging out on the beach, to making new friendships in other parties and events during the week – join us to live together, to relax, enjoy, collaborate and learn from each other during this year’s conference.

We hope to see you there! :)

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