Digital Detox… In a Coworking Space!


Where do you imagine to go when you need to escape from the daily routines of work and technology? To get a real digital detox? Maybe you’d head for some sun on an isolated beach on some far-off coast, or fresh air in the pine-covered mountains of some distant mountain range. Maybe you’d go to sea, take a road trip or cycling journey.

Well… how about detoxing at a coworking space?


The vision is to demonstrate that you can be connected to things other than computers – like to nature, or to people.

Mutinerie Village is hosting a tech-free get-together in the French countryside this weekend. And this time, it’s a double-escape: from the technologies and constant notifications and constant activity of work life, and the incredible, almost unbearable heat wave happening across Europe this week!


In Paris, it’s going to be 37 degrees (and even above 40 in the southwest!) – so it seems, digital detox or not, the only rational thing to do is to flee for a cool rural hideaway, right away.

Their goal is to prove that you can exist, even if only temporarily, without being connected to the internet. The vision is to further demonstrate that you can be connected to other things, like nature, or people – and that the connecting principles of networked computers exist elsewhere from these fantastic technological devices.


In an effort to ensure nobody’s cheating, they will take (and guard) your mobile phones on the first night, and cheers to a weekend of no technology at midnight!

And instead of checking Facebook updates, or the latest Twitter tweets, or cruising mindlessly the endless vastness of our virtual universe, you can do other human things that humans do – like gardening, or swimming, or jogging, or yoga, or cooking, or even just having a conversation without your phone in front of your face! What an awesome, novel idea…!


All you need to do is bring your sleeping bag – and not your laptop this time.

You can find your tickets right here! (It includes your sleeping arrangements and some delicious detoxifying food!)


Are you ready to disconnect? We’ll see you out there ;)

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