Somehow, We’re All Going to Be Digital Nomads Tomorrow


To be correct, many of us who do most of our productive work on a laptop are going to be “digital nomads.” But not nomads in the way we usually picture it. Not always on the go, with no homebase, minimalistic with all of our belongings in one bag, no family, no friends to have for more than 6 months.

The story of the digital nomad makes us dream. It’s something that I often call “lifestyle porn” or “freedom porn.”

Those people exist and there will be more of them for sure, but they are an extreme version of what many of us will become.


They just understood that today, work is no more where you are but what you do. Technology enables us to redefine work and what role we want to give to work in our lives. Like we said in a previous post – it’s not about work anymore.

Clearly we’re not all ready to sell our stuff and hit the road. Still somewhere in the back of our head, many of us love the idea of travelling the world, calling every place our home and turning our life into an adventure. Many nomads actually make a living by explaining to others how to become a nomad! There is a kind of ponzi scheme here :)


But many non-nomads read that because it makes them dream. It’s something that I often call “lifestyle porn” or “freedom porn.” It’s not that they really wanna live the same life but it tickles them, scares them and excites them at the same time.

Say hello to the age of workations!

What’s at reach for all of us though, is the ability to change scenery and to go work from other places once in a while.


This can happen in several ways:

You might want to take 2 weeks with your team to focus on a project in a different environment (like the Surf Office or Hubud), you might settle for a month in the french countryside to finally write this book you’ve had in mind for a long time (at Mutinerie Village), you might wanna take it easier and work in the morning while exploring places or learning to surf in the afternoon…

So what’s stopping you? Come along with us and join the ride – because, after all, you’ll be on it sooner or later.

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