The Easter Break Copass Camp: The Canary Islands


What are your plans this Easter break?

Easter’s coming up, there’s a fresh warmth in the air and a spring in your step. To help lift your spirits with the season, why not join us for our April 6-12 Copass Camp in the Canary Islands? After Easter on April 5th, it’s the perfect getaway for getting some serious work done, or having a serious break…

The Copasser is an expert of work and play. Come along, and you’ll see exactly how! We believe in providing the perfect environment for either perfect focus and top-notch productivity, or for getting a bit relaxed and taking a load off, or for blowing off some steam through some sport activities!


We’re here to provide you the place, but it’s up to you to do what you want with it! Whether you’ve got a big project deadline coming up and you need some space, or you need to finish some training for a skills qualification exam, or you just need some unstructured downtime to get your creative juices flowing.

Experience this epic island adventure to have a work holiday that’s designed by yours truly: yourself – in the company of awesome, dedicated and fun-loving coworkers, of course!

The Workplace


For this week, we’ll be based at the coworking, HUB Fuerteventura. With ample workspace right on the beach, and just a five-minute walk from our accommodation in beachfront villas, it’s a perfect place to settle in and get some work done.

After many years of traveling on “the search”, we found that place where life is easy and safe, weather is warm, waves are awesome and people are friendly.

With plants hanging from the walls, sunlight streaming in from the windows, and fresh sea air drifting in over the beach – it’s a great place to break from your routine productively, to step out of the norm but to be as efficient as ever.

The Activities

Here’s all the exciting and action-packed adventures we’ve got lined up for you… When you come, you can choose *two* activities. But note that if you want to go Scuba Diving, or do an extra day of the intense cycle ride, you’ll have to signup for the sport pack!

1. Whale Watching


The Canarian waters offer some of the most biodiverse marine life on the planet, with 34% of its global diversity! This four-hour long adventure will take you between Fuerteventura and Lanzarote to see playful dolphins and beautiful whales.

2. Surfing


If you prefer a more intense day, we’ll be surfing with experts from the Surf School Fuerteventura. As a totally mobile school (with 4×4 Land Rovers to go off-road!), we’ll go to the best place on the island for surfing in the season.

3. Snorkeling Sea Adventure

duncan c Catamaran 'Magic Sails'

Here, we’ll go out on a catamaran, exploring the north of the island where we’ll go snorkeling (plus swimming and making friends with some baby dolphins). Then, we’ll take to the sea in kayaks and standing paddle boats in the afternoon.

4. Scuba Diving


We’ll be doing a 2-day intro to Scuba in the heart of the Canary Islands’ subaquatic paradise. For total beginners or experienced divers, we’ll split into groups by ability and everyone will get to see some beautiful fish in coral homes under crystal clear waters.

5. Road Cycling

musume miyuki Japan cycle road race tour 2009 #9

If you’re more of a landlubber and want to stick to the roads in style, join us as we cycle around the island for a few hours in the afternoon to explore its natural beauty and stunning panoramas on well-paved, low-traffic roads.

The Prices

We’ve got three price levels, depending on what you want to do!

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.47.10

And, if you’ve read this far (a job well done, faithful reader!) we’ll even give you a special discount code for you to use! It’s ” IREADBLOGS “ ;) 

This will give you a 5% discount on the Basic Package, a 10% discount on the Full Experience, and a 15% discount on the Sport experience…!

Enjoy, and we hope to see you there!

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