How a network of coworking spaces could revolutionize the way we work

A federation of coworking spaces could revolutionize the way we work in a similar way cloud computing did. Cloud computing allowed anyone to rely on a global, cheap and reliable server infrastructure without any technical hassles. Copass will let us rely on a global, convenient and powerful network of spaces and communities wherever we go. Here is a small comparison between the two phenomenons. 

Copass - power to the people

The cloud

When we first started building things for the web, there was a huge amount of work required. Launching a web service meant establishing, managing and maintaining our own server farm and hiring a bunch of engineers to prevent service outages. Or to limit the effects of crashes when they did happen.

Then came shared-hosting, we could effectively outsource server maintenance and responsibility for downtime. Yet when opportunity struck and someone like TechCrunch waxed lyrical about our work, a sudden influx of traffic to our site made it painfully slow. Shared servers were just too inflexible to cope with increased demand.

Developments in server infrastructure for web applications have introduced cloud services, such as Heroku, AWS or Google App Engine, and made the idea of releasing a web app accessible to anyone. We now have the flexibility to seamlessly expand or reduce server capacity to meet the needs of our service, with the click of a button.

Interestingly, we see a similar pattern developing in workspaces.

Coworking spaces

Everybody used to rent their own offices. We’d struggle to find a first space with just enough space for ourselves and move into bigger offices as the company grew. Like hermit crabs. Long-term rental contracts, made this arrangement a liability for early-stage businesses who weren’t sure they’d last as long as the lease.

Then coworking spaces offered the flexibility and ecosystems long needed. Moving into a space takes minutes and no longer are we responsible for keeping the toilet paper stocked, or paying bills, or fixing internet downtime. But we’re still stuck when our startup outgrows the space and our team starts expanding to different cities, even different countries.

We asked ourselves (and a lot of others!), what would give us the flexibility we need from workspaces.

We want to be able to work from anywhere on the planet, whether at home in Paris, in San Francisco for a business trip, or overlooking a beach in Rio. To connect with the right communities and ecosystems wherever we go. To work with teams of talented people, whether sat next to us or 2,000 miles away.

The convenience of a managed space, the freedom to be anywhere AND the power of global community of local communities. A global network of coworking spaces.

Adding to the mix makerspaces, hackerspaces and falbabs, we’ve got the perfect infrastructure for a new way to live and work. That’s why we’re building Copass.

After months of preparation, we’re finally letting more people around the world use Copass. Signup to our waiting list to be the firsts to join our private beta. If you actually run a coworking space, we’d love to have you onboard ! You can add your space anytime


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