“This is not not about work anymore.”

it s not about work

We stole that awesome slogan from Coworklisboa, one of the coolest spaces in Lisbon and one of the pioneers in Europe. This motto pretty much sums up our vision here at Copass: It’s not about work anymore.

At Copass we always feel kind of embarrassed explaining what we do and why we do it. I mean, we’re not about selling workspaces! Sure awesome and inspiring workplaces are key to Copass, but only because we believe they open doors to communities, to new ideas, to better travelling and simply living experiences – not because they’ll sell you the best seats!

With coworking spaces, you’re not just a random tourist consuming a new place. You’re just part of it.


We’re interested in what’s happening around those seats. Sure you’ll get you work done much better than in a café with erratic wifi and sure you’ll often fall in love with the designs, but that’s not the main point.

Coworking spaces are the best entry points in cities: a community of talented, open-minded and diverse people, often speaking several languages and willing to welcome you in their world. All of that in places that will often blow your mind. Believe us: after a one or two days copassing around, you’ll feel part of the city!


You’re not just a random tourist consuming a new place. You’re just part of it. Because working in a city is belonging to it. It’s taking the transportation, making friends, getting new ideas, feeling alive.

And it’s not true just for individuals. This statement works as well for companies and groups of people. Any company and team wanting to venture in new markets should definitely check those spaces out as they are the beating heart of countries.


It’s where you’ll find talents that you might end up working with, where you’ll get valuable feedbacks about what you’re doing, where you’ll plant the seed of your community and where you’ll build an awesome culture around your projects. Companies like The Food Assembly, Kisskissbankbank, Google, Djump (most of them already use Copass) and others already know that and rely on coworking spaces to grow.

Ask anybody who attended the first Copass Camp in Lisbon in November. It was not about work. We all came back with an incredible dose of energy. It’s life on steroids.

So yes, definitely: it’s not about work anymore!

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