Coworkers Detained in Thailand: Another Day in the Changing World of Work


Imagine just another normal day at your coworking space.

Maybe it’s a good morning. Maybe you arrived at the crack of dawn, had a refreshing cup of coffee and already made it halfway through your inbox. Maybe you’ve even made some good progress on that new side project you’ve been itching to work on.

You sit back, hands behind your head. Just as you’re about to really get down to business, a group of armed and uniformed police storm into the space and detain you and your fellow coworkers.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just a thought experiment. It’s exactly what happened to the coworkers at PunSpace in Chiang Mai, Thailand, just last fall. A coworker on-site, Johnny FD, reported the following as it was happening:

I’m sitting here at PunSpace the coworking space in Chiang Mai, and about an hour ago 20 armed uniformed police and immigration officials stormed in and detained everyone. Currently 18 tourists are in a police van being taken to Thai Immigration near the airport.

Coworkers Detained in Thailand

The managers of the space were called by the police, and they arrived to show the officials their state documents and license for the space. They tried to explain that they were operating as “a coworking space which is similar to an internet cafe,” and that not a single person there was working for a Thai company on a Thai salary – “meaning they are not taking Thai jobs or working illegally.”

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3 Key Points from GCUC 2015


There’s no doubt that the GCUC 2015 coworking (un)conference was a smashing success. Bringing together around 300 people from across the USA and further afield, it was a meeting of the minds to discuss the intricacies, challenges and opportunities that coworking faces today.

A gathering of independent projects and visions, GCUC brought us together under one common project, one shared mission: coworking. This ambiguous and open word is exactly what gave it strength at GCUC this year, where everyone’s own work could be conceived of as under one umbrella, within one superstructure.

Let’s take coworking from the springboard of GCUC to the next level. There are only open skies.

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Coworking in Sofia: betahaus Sofia


What should you expect?

Bulgarian pastries, ancient ruins, handmade origami lamps, family vibes, rakia, hacker culture and a surprising tech ecosystem.

The Big Picture

Sofia, one of Europe’s longest inhabited cities, is a place that has been home to “the good life” for longer than maybe anywhere else in the world. Because that’s the first thing you realise in the Bulgarian capital: people know how to relax and have fun. Possibly rare for Europe – this is a truly cool city with zero pretension, zero snobbery and zero pomposity.

Coming to Sofia is like entering into a big family. And nowhere is that more true than at betahaus Sofia.

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VOLUMES Coworking Open in Paris!


Say hello to the new kid on the block: VOLUMES Coworking – right now for their opening & first days!

If you’re aware much about coworking, you’ll know that there are always new, cool spaces opening. In the neighbourhood, down the street or across the way – here’s a fablab, there’s a shared office, a workshop, a by-the-hour café.

These new spaces we see are amazing experiments in living and working together, and each one has its own ingredients and its own unique mix. And with that, VOLUMES is an excellent recipe.

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Coworking in Fuerteventura: HUB Fuerteventura


What should you expect?

A wall of plants, sunny surfing, tapas nights, local community, aloe vera ice cream and volcanoes.

The Big Picture

Your experience of coworking in Fuerteventura will be very similar to that of travelling to the island. Upon arriving, you’ll quickly find that it’s not what you were expecting. Full of surprises, full of dedication, of vision and full of fun – it’s a model coworking space that will leave you, like the island, wanting to come back for more.

The thing to understand about HUB Fuerteventura, is that it’s a work-place for your mind and body. And no, I don’t mean that like you might expect – in the sense that spaces have yoga classes, or pilates, or running sessions. Here you’ll find full-on sea sport experiences.

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Somehow, We’re All Going to Be Digital Nomads Tomorrow


To be correct, many of us who do most of our productive work on a laptop are going to be “digital nomads.” But not nomads in the way we usually picture it. Not always on the go, with no homebase, minimalistic with all of our belongings in one bag, no family, no friends to have for more than 6 months.

The story of the digital nomad makes us dream. It’s something that I often call “lifestyle porn” or “freedom porn.”

Those people exist and there will be more of them for sure, but they are an extreme version of what many of us will become.

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Copass Camp San Francisco: A Californian Adventure + GCUC


May 4-9. We’re headed to California. We’re doing GCUC USA.

We’re playing a trampoline dodgeball tournament.

We’re going whitewater rafting.

Are you with us?

After years of making friends and connecting to communities in France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, and further afield – we’re finally making it out there (and we mean far out, man): the Wild, Wild West.

Well, maybe not the Wild West of those old western movies (in fact, for the landscape we’d bet that our Fuerteventura Adventure is much closer!) but instead, the dramatic cliffs, beautiful beaches and scenic mountains of beautiful California.

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The Coworking Spain Conference 2015

Marc Hemisfèric, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias – City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia (Spain), HDR The Hemisfèric was inaugurated in 1998 and was the first building in the City of Arts and Sciences to open its doors to the public. It is a spectacular construction designed by Santiago Calatrava, with an ovoid roof over 100 metres long that contains in its interior the large sphere that constitutes the projection room ( HDR from five bracketed exposures (1EV steps), on a tripod.

We’re very happy to be collaborating with Coworking Spain during their April 24-26 conference! We’ve been there each year since the very beginning, and it’s one of our favourite “meetings” around coworking in the world.

Coworking Spain is a strong force, and an prime example, for coworking as a movement in Europe and around the world. They are probably the best national network in Europe! These guys have built great momentum in Spain around the concept of coworking, and have led to the sharing of people and ideas between collaborative workspaces from Seville to Barcelona, Bilbao to Gibraltar.

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The Easter Break Copass Camp: The Canary Islands


What are your plans this Easter break?

Easter’s coming up, there’s a fresh warmth in the air and a spring in your step. To help lift your spirits with the season, why not join us for our April 6-12 Copass Camp in the Canary Islands? After Easter on April 5th, it’s the perfect getaway for getting some serious work done, or having a serious break…

The Copasser is an expert of work and play. Come along, and you’ll see exactly how! We believe in providing the perfect environment for either perfect focus and top-notch productivity, or for getting a bit relaxed and taking a load off, or for blowing off some steam through some sport activities!

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Coworking in Corsica: Bastia Coworking


What should you expect?

Seaside picnics, a recording studio, windy backstreets, hidden poker rooms and a healthy dose of Corsican pride.

The Big Picture

A striking independent island culture in the middle of the Mediterranean, Corsica is so full of geographical diversity and cultural richness that it’s a veritable miniature continent.

From the largest mountains on a mediterranean island, to some of the best beaches in the sea – you’ll also discover that for coworking in Corsica it’s an entrepreneur’s paradise. Because, for the digital economy, it’s still uncharted territory.

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2015: The Year of the Copass Camps


Partake in the next Copass Camp in Fuerteventura April 6-12 to see what The Year of Copass Camps is all about! We’ve got a big year of big adventures coming straight to you by popular demand…

You may have noticed recently that we passed into the Chinese Year of the Sheep. The Chinese New Year marks the largest human migration in world history – each year, every year, in recent times.

A momentous occasion, within a period of 40 days this new year accounts for 3,620,000,000 trips of people travelling across Asia. Mostly to return home and to visit their family, this exceptional moment highlights the fluidity and ceaseless movements of people around the world.

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Coworking in Berlin: Agora Collective


What Should You Expect?

Organic food, macchiatos, tattoos, a quaint garden, Brazilian folks & lots of cool foreigners and locals.

Ok I’ve got to admit it: for coworking in Berlin, I’ve got a crush on Agora… The first reason might be that it is nested in my beloved city of Berlin. It’s hard to live in Europe without at least having heard about how special the German capital city is, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years.

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A Software Engineer Sailing the High Seas


In the wide world of coworking, you meet some pretty fascinating people and learn things about them that you wouldn’t expect. It’s one of our favourite parts of working from many spaces – the more people you meet, the less you know what to expect!

Baku, currently in Portugal, is a case-in-point of this. We met him in Lisbon a few months ago. Here’s the thing: Baku is a Silicon Valley software engineer. But he loves sailing. So, what did he do? He combined the two in the most awesome way possible.

He’s a software engineer sailing the high seas! Sounds pretty cool, right? Check out our interview with him below and discover more!

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Coworking in Boston: NGIN Workplace


This post was researched and written by our dedicated Boston-based Siberian-born Russian Copass correspondent, Masha Kosobokova!

What Should You Expect?

Neighbours like Google, Facebook and MIT, strawberry & banana smoothies, in-office Yoga & CrossFit and hard working 24/7.

What are you thinking about, when you hear Boston? Probably not coworking in Boston. You might imagine Harvard, Red Sox, Dunkin’ Donuts, Super Bowl 2015 (Patriots are the champions).

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Stop the Myth: Coworking Isn’t Hype, It’s right


Disclaimer: I am stealing this quote from Fernando Mendes, founder of CoworkLisboa.

Fernando said this sentence as a response to the recent Time article titled “Why Coworking Is Hot“. I think it’s a very valid point. After all, something hyped is something fashionable. It’s something people do by imitating other people. It’s ephemeral – as temporary as the next hype will destroy the old one. It’s exactly the opposite of how coworking developed. Coworking spread because it was just right. Let me explain a bit.

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Coworking in Lisbon: Coworklisboa | LX Factory


What Should You Expect?

A parking lot bar, a dictator’s printing press, a food court and the Velvet Underground.

Lisbon is, in many ways, a destination city. You go for the beaches, you go for the food, you go for the people, the places, the culture, the nightlife, and so on. But little would you know, Lisbon is truly a destination city for coworking. Visit Coworklisboa at the LX Factory, and you’ll see why – let’s go coworking in Lisbon.

The bold and compelling spirit of Lisbon is matched and surpassed in the personalities of those you’ll find at Coworklisboa. A bright, determined, passionate and exciting community awaits you in this inspiring space. Coworklisboa has been pioneering coworking in Portugal and in Europe. This six-year-old space popped up when coworking was little less than a rumour.

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3 Lessons Learned from Being Featured on Product Hunt

Product-hunt-logo - 1000px-rectangle

Last Friday, we had the surprise and pleasure to be featured on Product Hunt. For those who don’t know this platform yet, it’s essentially a community board where people can upvote tech products.

Basically, every day a few new and cool products are selected and upvoted by the community. In very little time, Product Hunt became a very important player in the tech community. Hundreds of companies that have been featured on it have raised money afterwards.

Let us share with you our key learnings.

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“This is not not about work anymore.”

it s not about work

We stole that awesome slogan from Coworklisboa, one of the coolest spaces in Lisbon and one of the pioneers in Europe. This motto pretty much sums up our vision here at Copass: It’s not about work anymore.

At Copass we always feel kind of embarrassed explaining what we do and why we do it. I mean, we’re not about selling workspaces! Sure awesome and inspiring workplaces are key to Copass, but only because we believe they open doors to communities, to new ideas, to better travelling and simply living experiences – not because they’ll sell you the best seats!

With coworking spaces, you’re not just a random tourist consuming a new place. You’re just part of it.

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