Coworking in New York: Bat Haus

bat haus cover

Coworking in New York? Check out Bat Haus. In discovering this space, you might just re-discover the thing that makes coworking spaces so wonderful in the first place: the people.

Stepping out onto Wyckam Avenue from the Brooklyn-bound L train, you might feel a bit far from home in Bushwick’s aged industrial landscape. But as soon as you open the door to this quirky, beautiful space, you’ll feel at home all over again.

The Big Picture

Opened in mid-2012, this space was founded and renovated under the vision of Bat Haus’s dynamic duo, philosophers Natalie and Cody (they’re both philosophy majors). Bat Haus is a completely open space, in the most literal way possible – it’s a huge garage, from an old mechanic shop. Fixed up with series of long desks used by an eclectic collection of New York’s fascinating freelancers, you’ll find as much inspiration as much as you will camaraderie.

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Our Top 3 Favourite Tools for Remote Work


Working in different spaces, cities, countries and continents, we’re often asked the question: how do we do it, and what tools do we use?

If you know any of us at Copass, you probably know that we’re all over the place. On any given day, one of us may be in Belgium, another in Portugal, another in Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany or even the USA! Even if many times we’re in the same city, we love working from different spaces and getting fresh views on Paris all the time through its many amazing workspaces.

We love the serendipity and inspiration that comes from moving around to new spaces, and talking with new people all the time. The thing is, of course that sounds great, but how on earth do we stay productive? Thankfully there’s a huge range of very helpful cloud-based services and internet tools we use to be more productive than ever. Take a look at our top 3 favourites!

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Why we don’t like the idea of “Proworkers”


There have been debates recently about “proworkers” vs “coworkers” in the coworking world. It appeared in some panel discussions during the Coworking Europe Conference in Lisbon this year, and it left several coworking players in a kind of doubt.

We don’t like this concept of proworkers. Let us explain why.

A “proworker” would be a kind of coworker that allegedly just wants to “get his work done”. He is described as somebody often coming from the corporate world. Some people have been urging coworking spaces to address this new audience. Well, to be honest, we don’t really get it… First, what does it even mean to be a proworker? Does it mean that coworkers are just not “professional” – that they’re like silly kids doing insignificant stuff, who don’t need any kind of professional facilities? Does it mean that coworking spaces don’t offer real, “pro” infrastructure (whatever that might be)?

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What Copass is all about: Reflections on the First Copass Camp


This is the only word that came to our mind after this first Copass Camp that was beyond even our already high expectations. The only word that remained when we where kind of passed out on our planes back home.

Wow for the people attending. We had so many interesting talks with each of you guys. It was hard to believe that everyone was so cool and interesting.

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The Ultimate Copass How-To Guide

So, how do you use Copass? You’ve come to the right place: the Ultimate Copass How-To Guide. This is the always up-to-date first-come-and-be-served resource for how to use Copass. Luckily for you, it’s pretty simple! There are three major steps in using it that, when followed, will help you get the most out of your Copass experience. These are:

1. Search for a Space
2. Look at Space Options
3. Check Yourself In

If you have any more questions, or want anything clarified, just email us directly and we’ll get you on the right track ASAP! So have fun, and happy Copassing!

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Meet Amazing Copassers: Manon & the African Clean Energy Project

We met Manon through Copass on a whim. She was looking for a place to stay upon visiting and coworking for a few days in Paris, and little did she know that she would find one of the best hosts in the city – Augustin, one of our very own! She used Copass to find him, and then met us at Mutinerie for a chat about her nomadic travels across Europe to promote her amazing African Clean Energy project. Check out what she has to say about her work, her travels and her time as one of our amazing Copassers!

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The First “Copass Camp” – Lisbon


The First “Copass Camp.” Now you’ve heard all about it. But what is it?

And more importantly… what’s the point?

We live in a world where all of us are inundated by invitations every day to workshops, meet-ups, seminars, conferences, networking events, barbecues, coffee sessions, lunch break-outs, brainstorming breakfasts, and more. There is no denying that these activities are great for bringing people together, for forming new ideas, for facilitating new connections and forging new relationships. But at Copass, we usually feel as if something is missing.

It’s the human element. Exchanging business cards with someone else creates a bond of “friendship” as much as becoming “friends” with someone on Facebook. In many cases, it is acknowledging another’s existence by the easiest and most base means possible – where your relationship is little more than codified in a thin paper card or a series of social media likes. Friendship, as much as Facebook leads us to believe it, is actually a much more intimate exercise, involving real people in real places sharing real experiences.

The first “Copass Camp” is a way of leveraging the power of technology to build communities that mean something to us, rather than to build communities that signify something to others.

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Is a Global Collaborative Economy Possible? Ask “The Sharing Bros”

Is it possible to travel for months, across continents, using only the collaborative economy? This is the question that The Sharing Bros have set out to answer. And because we think it’s a question worth answering, Copass has decided to sponsor them on their journey.

Collaborative Economy Nomads

The three entrepreneurs – Ivan, Mathieu and Roro – are living and travelling across North and South America for six months. Their trip is 21,000 kilometres long, crossing 15 countries. They plan to test, and to document, life in the collaborative economy on a global scale by giving voice to the people who compose it – and their motivations, histories and aspirations. With crowdfunded support, they plan to make a web series of their experiences during the trip, as well as producing a fully-fledged documentary about the collaborative economy on-the-go.

Where does Copass come in? We’re sponsoring them to cowork from spaces throughout their whole journey. We want to see how long-term nomadic coworkers use and enjoy Copass in real time. If their experiment is successful, it is further encouragement for us to develop our vision of global coworking so that we can work, live, and collaborate anywhere on earth.

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Want to Be a Hero? Meet Copasser Christophe and the Amazing Hexo+

We met Christophe Baillon before we even started coding Copass. Among other things, he is taking part in one of the most successful French Kickstarter campaigns ever, with Hexo+, an autonomous drone that will follow and film you on-the-go. This drone can turn anyone into a hero! And besides being an accomplished, passionate multi-entrepreneur, Christophe was actually one of the very first Copass users ever. Check out what he has to say about his experience as an entrepreneur and Copasser!

Christophe Baillon Copass Hexo+

Hi Christophe! Could you tell us quickly who you are and what you’re working on?

I’m 34. I’m an autodidact and have been very fond of software development since I was five years old. I created ‘Sogilis’ in 2008, a company (operating without a manager) of 20 passionate people who make innovative software. Sogilis has notably developed a safety-critical component for the A350 (where a bug can cause a crash and death), but also it has worked with a lot a web startups and medical projects.

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Summer Discount! €250 Unlimited Copassing

Copass Summer Discount

This summer, work from anywhere.

Wherever it might be, start your journey with Copass’s limited-time-only summer discount. This summer, become an “Adventurer” for only €250 per month to work in any of our 216 coworking spaces around the globe as much as you want, at no extra cost. Yes that’s right, you’ll benefit from unlimited checkins in all cospaces. Travel, work, party, explore and venture into new experiences – opening new horizons and discovering new possibilities along the way.

Why stay in your house, café or coworking space all summer when the sun is calling, the sea is roaring and cities are alive with people, festivals and festivities?

Discount the Price, Amplify Your Summer

Become an Adventurer and cowork in Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro or Gran Canaria. Don’t like when the sun goes down? Try some scandinavian summer days. Ever experienced the Berliner summer parties and beach bars? Man you should… What about Bali for the most audacious?

Copass Summer Discount

For € 250 per month – for as long as you renew it – the world is your oyster.

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Spaces that Speak: What Apache Indians and Coworkers Have in Common

And that ravine over there, […] Its name is Naagosch’id tú hayigeedé (Badger Scoops Up Water). Badger lived there a long time ago, next to a spring where he went to drink. There was no daylight then and the people were having a hard time. Badger and Bear wanted to keep it that way – they liked the darkness – but Coyote outsmarted them. He gambled with them and won daylight for the people. -Dudley Patterson (Western Apache horseman)

Lots of funny things happen here, a good example is the haircut. One of my coworkers […] asked me if her friend could come to Mutinerie to give haircuts. I needed a haircut at the time, so I said OK and told everyone about it. The atmosphere was funny because it happened just here in the bathroom, the door was open so everybody saw us getting our hair cut. -Antoine van den Broek (Founder of Mutinerie coworking)

So, what on earth do Western Apache Indians and coworkers have in common?

I’d like to suggest a very peculiar answer: wisdom. Wisdom gained from the formation of communities through places, and the formation of places through communities.


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The Ouisharefest seen by the Men in Blue

From the 5th to the 7th of May, Ouisharefest opened its doors for the festival’s second edition. In very little time, it’s become a world-renowned event, with more than 1,000 people from across the globe gathering in the beautiful cabaret sauvage in Paris for 3 days of talks, sharing and, most of all, fun.

Copass at Ouisharefest

Copass at Ouisharefest

“You know something is happening, but you don’t know what it is” Bob Dylan

Ouisharefest has a very special vibe. Something that is hard to put into words. It’s an important and “serious” event, as it connects the most relevant players in the collaborative economy, yet you never get the feeling that networking is the final goal. It just happens. A lot. But it happens in a very natural fashion. People start chatting while building an opensource beehive, while cooking together or while listening to live music. We become friends first, and then talk about what we do later on.

Ouisharefest is critical in supporting and amplifying the progress of the collaborative economy.

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Eating our own dog food… and loving it

Back to work

When we started working on Copass, we did it because this is the way we wanted to work. We wanted to be able to work from anywhere and connect with the most interesting people in town, wherever we went. And that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. We’re eating our own dog food, so to speak, and we love it.

In the past month, we’ve worked from 10 different spaces, in 6 different cities (Berlin, Torino, Grenoble, Lyon, Paris and Lisbon) and 4 different countries. Building Copass while copassing around has been incredible. We discovered amazing spaces and met loads of great people, from a guy building open source meteorological stations to a group working on the optimization of energy consumption in smart cities, and even a few people who are making their own movies…

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How a network of coworking spaces could revolutionize the way we work

A federation of coworking spaces could revolutionize the way we work in a similar way cloud computing did. Cloud computing allowed anyone to rely on a global, cheap and reliable server infrastructure without any technical hassles. Copass will let us rely on a global, convenient and powerful network of spaces and communities wherever we go. Here is a small comparison between the two phenomenons. 

Copass - power to the people

The cloud

When we first started building things for the web, there was a huge amount of work required. Launching a web service meant establishing, managing and maintaining our own server farm and hiring a bunch of engineers to prevent service outages. Or to limit the effects of crashes when they did happen.

Then came shared-hosting, we could effectively outsource server maintenance and responsibility for downtime. Yet when opportunity struck and someone like TechCrunch waxed lyrical about our work, a sudden influx of traffic to our site made it painfully slow. Shared servers were just too inflexible to cope with increased demand.

Developments in server infrastructure for web applications have introduced cloud services, such as Heroku, AWS or Google App Engine, and made the idea of releasing a web app accessible to anyone. We now have the flexibility to seamlessly expand or reduce server capacity to meet the needs of our service, with the click of a button.

Interestingly, we see a similar pattern developing in workspaces.
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Designing lifestyles: toward a new way to live and work


Every good project starts with a vision. The vision behind Copass has been clear from the very beginning. We’re all about designing lifestyles. Or more precisely, about letting people design their own lifestyle by providing them with tools that would enable a completely new way to live and work. A lifestyle that would be more fulfilling, more efficient, more collaborative. We’ve been discussing it for the last few years with the people we met. We refined it through the projects we’ve been working on so far and thanks to the people we had passionate discussions with.

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