What about slippers Friday in coworking spaces ?

Introducinnnng : Slippers friday. The very best of your home (aka your slippers) combined with your favorite coworking spaces. #slippersfriday

Slippers Friday at Mutinerie

We recently came back to Paris after some amazing time in Lisbon during the Copass Camp (check the wrap up of the camp here). Don’t know about your cities guys but here, “winter is coming”. So this Friday we entered in winter mode and brought our slippers to cowork. We have to share with you this excitment :) . Working in a cowo with your slippers on is SO good. You almost here the fire cracking while you work.

Now we feel in a mission to introduce the slippers friday in coworking spaces ? Just let coworkers know about it and tweet it. Let’s create the hashtag #slippersfriday for that. Have a nice week guys !


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