Summer Discount! €250 Unlimited Copassing

Copass Summer Discount

This summer, work from anywhere.

Wherever it might be, start your journey with Copass’s limited-time-only summer discount. This summer, become an “Adventurer” for only €250 per month to work in any of our 216 coworking spaces around the globe as much as you want, at no extra cost. Yes that’s right, you’ll benefit from unlimited checkins in all cospaces. Travel, work, party, explore and venture into new experiences – opening new horizons and discovering new possibilities along the way.

Why stay in your house, café or coworking space all summer when the sun is calling, the sea is roaring and cities are alive with people, festivals and festivities?

Discount the Price, Amplify Your Summer

Become an Adventurer and cowork in Barcelona, Rio de Janeiro or Gran Canaria. Don’t like when the sun goes down? Try some scandinavian summer days. Ever experienced the Berliner summer parties and beach bars? Man you should… What about Bali for the most audacious?

Copass Summer Discount

For € 250 per month – for as long as you renew it – the world is your oyster.

Copass Summer Discount

What does this offer include?
It includes unlimited daypasses in any cospace on the Copass network. You can visit any space on our network as much as you like for as long as you are an Adventurer.

How can I use it?
Just go to the Cospace you prefer and ask the manager to check you in! No hassle, no extra fees, no problem! You’ll even be able to pay for any extra services and amenities (like meeting rooms, printer or other extras) directly with your credit on Copass.

How long do I sign up for?
For those with commitment issues: we know your needs change all the time, so you can sign up for one month, renewable each subsequent month.

Whenever you subscribe over the summer you will get a full month as an Adventurer at €250, with €250 for each subsequent month of the offer (August, September) if you renew in that period.

When can I subscribe to it?
This offer is only valid between July 1st until September 30th. From October 1st the normal price will be back!

Summer is not made to stay still. Keep moving!
The Copass Team

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