The First “Copass Camp” – Lisbon


The First “Copass Camp.” Now you’ve heard all about it. But what is it?

And more importantly… what’s the point?

We live in a world where all of us are inundated by invitations every day to workshops, meet-ups, seminars, conferences, networking events, barbecues, coffee sessions, lunch break-outs, brainstorming breakfasts, and more. There is no denying that these activities are great for bringing people together, for forming new ideas, for facilitating new connections and forging new relationships. But at Copass, we usually feel as if something is missing.

It’s the human element. Exchanging business cards with someone else creates a bond of “friendship” as much as becoming “friends” with someone on Facebook. In many cases, it is acknowledging another’s existence by the easiest and most base means possible – where your relationship is little more than codified in a thin paper card or a series of social media likes. Friendship, as much as Facebook leads us to believe it, is actually a much more intimate exercise, involving real people in real places sharing real experiences.

The first “Copass Camp” is a way of leveraging the power of technology to build communities that mean something to us, rather than to build communities that signify something to others.


The First “Copass Camp”

Thus, the first Copass Camp is a new kind of experiment to put the human element back in an all-too-human gathering of entrepreneurs and freelancers. It’s an exercise in taking advantage of technology not just to bring a hugely diverse group of people together under one roof, but to bring a hugely diverse group of people together into one community.

Building this community is also a way of reaching beyond the group of participants to connect with local people and local places, bridging the world of the conference with the world of locals through activities, spaces and people. In short, this camp will be a community built from the ground-up through co-living, co-working and just having a good time with each other. For eight days, we will make friendships, collaborations, innovations and – above all else – memories.

Here’s what we’ve got going on to make this vision a reality:

8 Days + 30 People + 12 Rooms + 1 House = The Lifestyle

1 Welcome Dinner + 1 Day of Surfing + 1 Day of Sailing + 2 Days of Tours = The Activities

8 Copass Check-ins + 3 Cospaces + 30 (and many more!) Entrepreneurs = The Coworking

The Lifestyle + The Activities + The Coworking = The “Copass Camp”

Augmenting the Conference Experience

You might’ve noticed that we’re running our Copass Camp at the same time and place as the Annual Coworking Europe Conference. Unsurprisingly, this is no accident. We plan on using the Copass Camp as a way of augmenting our – and others’ – experience of this great gathering of European coworkers. Hosting between 300 and 350 people, the conference will discuss the rise of coworking and its impact on innovation, entrepreneurship and the future of work and workspaces.

With around 50 speakers and panelists from around the world, the Cinema Sao Jorge will be bustling with coworkers, space managers, entrepreneurs, incubator operators, public development specialists, academics and more. We will use the Copass Camp to ‘augment’ the conference by bringing people together in the same house, participating in the same activities after-hours (sailing and surfing, among other things) – and, above all else, through simply hanging out, cooking dinner, and chatting over beers.

The First "Copass Camp" - Lisbon

We’re adding another dimension to the conference experience that will bring us all closer together through memories and moments that create more meaningful relationships than business card exchanges and post-presentation pleasantries.

Communities That Mean Something

In the era of global coworking, of digital nomads and remote working – we believe that it is more important now than ever not just to retain, but to encourage and to foster real, real-life relationships between people that create lasting bonds and meaningful friendships. Our first “Copass Camp” is directly addressed to this point.

It is a way of leveraging the power of technology to build communities that mean something to us, rather than to build communities that signify something to others – the endless accumulation of likes, email addresses, or Twitter followers. Because, at the end of the day, we are here not to get pro business tips from people, to learn their “Top 10 Marketing Tricks” or merely to consume their content.

We’re here to make amazing connections with amazing people in amazing places. To connect with people in ways that really matter, and to bring the world closer together one person at a time.

Join us for our inaugural “Copass Camp” Lisbon, and become a part of that vision.

The First "Copass Camp" - Lisbon

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