What Copass is all about: Reflections on the First Copass Camp


This is the only word that came to our mind after this first Copass Camp that was beyond even our already high expectations. The only word that remained when we where kind of passed out on our planes back home.

Wow for the people attending. We had so many interesting talks with each of you guys. It was hard to believe that everyone was so cool and interesting.

copass camp discussions

Wow for the local coworking spaces and their warm welcome. We can definitely send our Copassers to any of the spaces already listed on Copass knowing they will have a warm welcome and inspiring places to discover. A special thanks to Fernando and Ana who have been so active in connecting spaces and people together.

fernando mendes ana mariana

Wow for the flat and its owner João. It was like this place was made for such an event. It worked super smoothly and could accommodate the 30 attendees, not to mention the 150+ people that came to visit us! We’ll definitely have some deals with them in the future to offer anyone accommodation + coworking + activities in one click on Copass.

Joao, founder of Lost Lisbon

Wow for the city that offers its dwellers some surf sessions, sailing trips, cheap beers, sloppy landscapes and smiles from locals. Lisbon is definitely on the top of our “best cities” list. We’ll come back soon for sure!

Copass camp lisbon

Wow for the conference that always brings together so many people from the coworking scene and gives everyone the energy to keep pushing the coworking movement further. It gives the sense that we’re doing something much greater than just our spaces. That’s where it all started for Copass, after all, when Eric and Stefano met in Berlin and wanted to bring this global dimension to anyone, not just space managers.

coworking europe conference

Wow for the homemade bread by the great Ramon Suarez (if you haven’t already, but I doubt it, check his coworking handbook. Super useful resources for anyone running or wanting to run a space). Your bread was just the best and filled the house with an incredible smell everyday.

Ramon's bread

Wow for the cooks. We had no plans for dinners and ended up sharing meals everyday at the flat… Talk about day to day real-life collaboration.


Wow for the good vibes…

With Copass, we’re building a tool, but what really interests us is the collaboration that happens thanks to this tool. Copass is there just to act as a gateway to experiences. This experience we shared at the camp is exactly what we’re striving for: meeting, learning, working, playing, discovering places… All at once. Camps are not just side projects. They are the essence of what we love and what we want to bring to the world. As we said earlier, it’s all about designing lifestyles.

copass camp lifestyle

Thanks for sharing this amazing moment with us!

We await all of you that could not attend for the next camps ;)

The Copass Crew.

Photos from ©Stefano Borghi. www.stefanoborghi.com

2 thoughts on “What Copass is all about: Reflections on the First Copass Camp

  1. Wow for the Copass team that took the initiative and arranged for an amazing experience!

  2. We can totally confirm that – the flat is well designed, the owner João always played great music and all the people we have met have been awesome!
    welance says THANK YOU very much for this really nice experience!

    Also, we wrote down a little recap of the Coworking Conference Europe 2014.

    Blog post: http://bit.ly/15MmUlM

    We are looking forward to next year!

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