The Ouisharefest seen by the Men in Blue

From the 5th to the 7th of May, Ouisharefest opened its doors for the festival’s second edition. In very little time, it’s become a world-renowned event, with more than 1,000 people from across the globe gathering in the beautiful cabaret sauvage in Paris for 3 days of talks, sharing and, most of all, fun.

Copass at Ouisharefest

Copass at Ouisharefest

“You know something is happening, but you don’t know what it is” Bob Dylan

Ouisharefest has a very special vibe. Something that is hard to put into words. It’s an important and “serious” event, as it connects the most relevant players in the collaborative economy, yet you never get the feeling that networking is the final goal. It just happens. A lot. But it happens in a very natural fashion. People start chatting while building an opensource beehive, while cooking together or while listening to live music. We become friends first, and then talk about what we do later on.

Ouisharefest is critical in supporting and amplifying the progress of the collaborative economy.

Slow networking

I’ve always felt uncomfortable in huge fairs where everyone throws around their business cards and puts on fake smiles. Ouisharefest is definitely not one of those events. At the festival, I found something that I love about coworking; the idea of slow networking. In the best collaborative spaces, you’ll find people who have known each other for a couple of months and became good friends while only having a vague idea of what the other is working on. People come first and business second. Strangely enough, this is what creates the most valuable business relationships since people take the time to build trust and to really get to know each other.

100 skilled friends are worth 1000 LinkedIn connections.

Naturally, Copass was part of this gathering. The Ouishare community has been the first to get its hands on Copass as beta testers. Working with them was an obvious choice for us. In some ways, Ouishare pioneered the work style that we promote, which will become the norm for many people in the coming years. They relied extensively on coworking spaces to spread and build their community.

Collaborative spaces are the coral reef of the collaborative economy.

Anywhere they go, they visit coworking spaces to work, organize events, or simply meet people. Before you know it, the Ouishare seed is planted. They quickly understood the significant, and often overlooked, value of coworking and fablabs: the global and distributed aspect of this movement. Collaborative spaces are the coral reef of the collaborative economy. They allow it to thrive and create incredibly rich ecosystems.

We’ve been working with Ouishare during the 6 months of preparation leading up to Ouisharefest and we even put together a little “making of” video. We’re very happy and proud to be working with this community.

The men in blue strike again

There we were, ready to rock the Cabaret; and where better than a circus to go crazy? Going crazy is something we’re pretty comfortable with. We set up our basecamp at the Fest and met a bunch of passionate and inspiring folks from around the world. Blue seemed pretty contagious. We took a whole series of photos of people wearing our traditional Copass suit.

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To see more pictures go to our facebook album! It is worth it…

The Photobooth was just a taster. Offering coupons is boring; but playing darts is fun. What better way to offer coupons to attendees than to let them throw darts at a human target? Hit the center for 3 free Copass days and the rest of the target for 1. Being a human target is pretty stressful, I have to say :) Though my matrix-like skills allowed me to gracefully dodge a couple of darts aimed at my head rather than at the target. A special congratulations to Francesca Pick, the only person who hit the center.

Give a shot to Copass

Give a shot to Copass

Ouisharefest also gave us the opportunity to chat with the French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, to see the wonderful Lisa Gansky again and to meet Neal Gorenflo from Shareable, plus many more great folks. The list of awesome people we met during the Fest would be far too long for a blog post!

Last but not least, we won the 2014 Ouisharefest Awards! A big thank you to all of you who supported us by voting both online and offline. Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to the Ouishare team and all the volunteers that made this event so great.

Copass is now in orbit. Let’s make the planet move, meet and share.

Copass won the Ouishare fest awards !

Ouisharefest, see you next year.

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