Our Top 3 Favourite Tools for Remote Work


Working in different spaces, cities, countries and continents, we’re often asked the question: how do we do it, and what tools do we use?

If you know any of us at Copass, you probably know that we’re all over the place. On any given day, one of us may be in Belgium, another in Portugal, another in Switzerland, Italy, England, Germany or even the USA! Even if many times we’re in the same city, we love working from different spaces and getting fresh views on Paris all the time through its many amazing workspaces.

We love the serendipity and inspiration that comes from moving around to new spaces, and talking with new people all the time. The thing is, of course that sounds great, but how on earth do we stay productive? Thankfully there’s a huge range of very helpful cloud-based services and internet tools we use to be more productive than ever. Take a look at our top 3 favourites!

3. Slack


This is our go-to chat app for desktop and mobiles. Gotta admit though, we were a bit skeptical at first. We had become used to Skype chat for ages, without feeling the need to switch. But we have to say, it was worth it. You can create open channels that are themed to organise your conversations seamlessly on your phone and desktop. But the best part is that it integrates with our other platforms on Twitter, Github, Dropbox and Google Drive – which made collaborating easy to do and quick to access.

(Check out Slack here!)

2. HuBoard


This is the Copass development HQ, where all of our behind-the-scenes collaborative maintenance happens. For us, it’s the ideal interface between the ‘ideas’ side of things and the ‘technical’ implementation of those ideas. It’s a light Kanban Board that gives developers instant feedback from the team, with filters that separate tasks by priority. It is a space for a transparent workflow, that we completely customise depending on our process – it’s where we easily prioritise what we’re working on.

(Check out HuBoard here!)

1. Invision


Invision is our secret weapon for design collaboration. It’s a prototyping platform with two killer features we love. First, you can navigate onscreen with buttons and scrolls to test with users, and second you can automatically extract and share screens from .psd or .ai files. Simply put a photo up of the design and users can experience it directly on their devices. Plus, no longer do we need long email chains or Skype chats that get lost easily – we can talk to each other directly on the canvas.

(Check out Invision here!)

Honourable Mention: Strava

remote working

So this one might come as a surprise – but our remote work isn’t just on laptops! We’re keen coworkers, but we’re also keen cyclists. And, you can take it from us, when we cycle it is hard work indeed. We love Strava because you can join up with other riders on the same path and participate in the same route, thus it’s great for team collaboration when we’re all competing with each other (and other unlucky riders ;) ) – wherever we are! It’s great encouragement for an afternoon of productive work (on the bike, of course).

(Check out Strava here!)

So these are our tools to collaborate on the go. What are yours?

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