VOLUMES Coworking Open in Paris!


Say hello to the new kid on the block: VOLUMES Coworking – right now for their opening & first days!

If you’re aware much about coworking, you’ll know that there are always new, cool spaces opening. In the neighbourhood, down the street or across the way – here’s a fablab, there’s a shared office, a workshop, a by-the-hour café.

These new spaces we see are amazing experiments in living and working together, and each one has its own ingredients and its own unique mix. And with that, VOLUMES is an excellent recipe.

Coworking. Making. Fooding.


And to find something truly fresh, you’ve gotta check out what’s cooking over at VOLUMES Coworking. The newest Parisian coworking space, this recently renovated and converted sign-shop has all the bells and whistles of a great collaborative experience and then some.

A clever combination of coworking, making and fooding, this space hits the sweet spot with a great work ambiance, ample tools in their fablab and delicious food in the kitchen.

Here’s some of what you can expect at this awesome space, and then how you can get involved with their first days *RIGHT NOW*!

A Collaborative Creation


A community effort with a community ethic, it’s a well-founded space.

We were there from the beginning, at the very start of VOLUMES. You’ll learn a lot about a coworking space, its core and spirit especially, if you’re there during its construction. Francesco, a good friend and one of the founders of the space, invited us along to help tear down some walls and wreak some havoc at the “demolition party” – how could we say no?!


An old sign manufactory, we helped them with a group of volunteers transform this big space into a perfect coworking space. From opening new doors (literally and figuratively) and helping clear out new space, we can assure you that this space was handmade from the ground-up. A community effort with a community ethic, it’s a well-founded space.



Founded by a group of trans-disciplinary designers, this space has the comfort of home with an artist’s touch. Decorated with abstract cut-out templates, funky drawing-board lights, tons of greenery, local art and photography on the walls and cool broadway-style spotlights.


The coworking community you’ll find here is mainly composed by creatives, across all disciplines. You’ll meet architects, designers, innovators, makers, entrepreneurs and more – basically anyone with a design sensibility.

From a large open-plan modular coworking space, to a well-equipped audio-visual studio, to two meeting rooms, to phone booths for your Skype calls and – last but not least – a nice terrace out front to work under the sunshine, you’ll find any kind of workspace you really need at VOLUMES.



In the back of the space you’ll find the secret “evil lair” of the space, maker masterminds are making some amazing stuff. With a laser cutter and tons of other tools, you’ll also find a huge CNC wood fabricator! They’ve got all the bells and whistles with a bunch of experience in making techniques.



Now, this is the true secret ingredient that makes VOLUMES great. They’ve got a regular menu of delicious food they cook fresh every day. From breakfasts to snacks, to lunches to eating on the terrace on a sunny day, VOLUMES has it covered. Fresh bread, salads, full meals and delicious desserts await you, with some lovely cooks and an amazing community.



VOLUMES is has just finished celebrating its opening days! Stop in this week to see what’s going on, or anytime soon! You can expect some pretty big and awesome things from this space… Check out more info here! And stop by when you can, you’re gonna love it (we promise :) ).


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