What’s *Not* Gonna Happen If You Don’t Travel


The value that serendipity brings you is often best understood looking backward, asking ourselves the question: “Where would I be if I did not go through this door?”

I can’t tell you what’s going to happen if you travel and Copass. It all depends on you, after all. But let me tell you what’s not gonna happen if you don’t do it.


  • You’re not going to take the chance to visit your friend that just moved to Barcelona – because you just can’t take one week off with this work you have to do.
  • You won’t have some tapas in the evening with some great guys you just met at a coworking space that you already consider as friends
  • You’re not gonna have those passionate discussions the next day that just inspired you for your next big idea
  • You’re not going to meet Camilla, this Brazilian entrepreneur that decided to take a few months to discover Europe
  • You’re not going to have a small crush on her


  • You’re not going to fly to Brazil a few month later to join Camilla and work a few weeks from there
  • You’re not gonna make a road trip with her and her friends during the weekend and learn to surf
  • You’re not gonna kiss her in the evening
  • You’re not going to fall in love with both a country and a girl
  • You’re not going to move there and your kids will not be bilingual
  • You won’t have clients and friends on-the-go in Spain, Morocco, Bali and Argentina
  • You won’t write the end of this story!


So many things in our life come from tiny decisions we made. Lucky and successful people are the one that open themselves to new experiences. Discovering new places and cultures, making new friends, imagining new ideas and starting new ventures is what makes the journey exciting and fulfilling in the first place.

The journey is the reward. Don’t stand still.

Inspired by real stories

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