Which coworking space will be open this summer in Paris ?

coworking paris

Summer is coming and a heat wave hit Paris – you’re hot? We too.

But don’t worry, there’re a couple of great spots for you in the city this summer:Studios Singuliers has air conditionning, Volumes provides you with foot pools, some others have fans like in Mutinerie and La Boite à Pêche, others have huge windows like Coworkshop and 10H10; Coworkcrèche and ICI Montreuil have fresh basement …and all others live pretty well under the sun:)

You’ll find below some useful information for you, brave Copassers, who work this summer! Good luck, and happy copassing !

OPENED during the Whole summer

coworking spacs opened in paris summer 2015- 10H10
– BT Coworking 14
– Coworkcrèche
– Coworkshop
– ICI Montreuil
– La Boite à Pêche
– Loft 50 Partners
– Mutinerie
– Studios Singuliers
– Volumes
– Casaco

CLOSED at some point during summer

closed coworking spaces in paris summer 2015
– L’Archipel – 20th of July to 17th of Aug
– L’Etablisienne – 1st to 27th of Aug
– La Cordée Gare de Lyon – 10th to 23rd of Aug
– Laptop – 14th of Aug to 1st of Sept
– Woma – 2nd to 17th of Aug

Eric van den Broek

Cofounder at Copass
Eric is the cofounder of Copass. He is passionate about travelling, meeting new people and entrepreneurship. You'll find him copassing around.

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