2015: The Year of the Copass Camps


Partake in the next Copass Camp in Fuerteventura April 6-12 to see what The Year of Copass Camps is all about! We’ve got a big year of big adventures coming straight to you by popular demand…

You may have noticed recently that we passed into the Chinese Year of the Sheep. The Chinese New Year marks the largest human migration in world history – each year, every year, in recent times.

A momentous occasion, within a period of 40 days this new year accounts for 3,620,000,000 trips of people travelling across Asia. Mostly to return home and to visit their family, this exceptional moment highlights the fluidity and ceaseless movements of people around the world.


While we’re celebrating this new year, we’re also celebrating another new year of migration for coworkers, nomads and independent workers in Europe and America. A time where travel, work, fun and connecting with amazing people will be bigger, better and more accessible than ever.

Join us in welcoming in 2015: The Year of the Copass Camps. After the huge success of our inaugural Copass Camp in Lisbon last November, we’re expanding our offering and taking our vision to the next level.

Copass Camp #1: Camp Lisbon 2014

In our first gathering of people from countries all over the world, thirty entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, translators and independents came together in a huge apartment in downtown Lisbon.

At Copass, we hedged our bets to see how it would turn out, wondering what exactly would happen by the end of our big experience together in this shared space for a full week.


As it happened – it was a crazy experience! Through a perfect balance of work and play, we bonded and made great memories together through sailing the Atlantic, surfing the legendary beaches of Carcavelos, wandering through the buzzing streets of Bairro Alto, braving the rain in epic coworking space tours – and getting some good work done together in the meantime!

Copass Camp #2: Camp Fuerteventura 2015


This time – we’re taking things to the next level. We’re going a bit further, doing a bit more, and thinking more outside of the box. In Lisbon, we had a great time with three activities. For Fuerteventura? Try SIX activities! Here’s what we’ve got planned

-An adventure bike tour in the north of Fuerteventura
-Whale and dolphin watching on the high seas
-Surfing lessons and practice on grade-A beaches
-A snorkelling / kayaking trip + upright paddling
-2-day Scuba diving experience with PADI instructors
-A high-intensity sport biking ride across the island


This time around, we’ll be living in two beachfront villas just down the road from the island’s premier coworking space, HUB Fuerteventura. When you stay with us, you’ll be able to work there 100% free whenever you want, for as long as you want! After all, who said you couldn’t be productive AND have fun?

So, if we’ve caught your attention, we recommend you check out our site because REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN!! (And we only have 30 places, so it’s in your best interest to decide quickly :) ).

Camps #3, #4, #5, and more?


SO, maybe you’re curious about the other camps of “The Year of the Copass Camps?”

Well, you’ll just have to hang in there because they’re a surprise! But… all we can say is that we’ve got some pretty cool, beautiful, exotic rural and metropolitan camps in the works for you!

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