Your Copass Experience!


Hey you awesome Copasser – how’s it goin’ ?

We were wondering: after all this while – how have you been enjoying Copass, revamped? We’re curious to hear about your Copass experiences. To see what you think of the way we do things now.

In the past months, Copass entered a new age. We got a brand new look, with some fun new features, upgrades and updates galore. After launching publicly and many extensive post-developments, we’ve learned tons of great things from users. Now, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what works, of what needs fixing and of how we can improve – and we’ve acted on it. But there’s still always more to do!

Accounting for all of your advice and great feedback, we simplified how you use Copass, how you pay for it and lots of other goodies. In a process of continuous trial and experimentation – we want to hear from you to see how we can take it even further! Take a read and see what you think, what comments / questions do *you* have on these updates? :)

1. Self Check-Ins

Welcome to Copass 2.0

This was one of our biggest changes! Now, whenever you show up at a coworking space, simply click the big green button (who doesn’t like a big green button now and again) on the space’s page and check yourself in. As soon as you do this, your card will automatically be charged, and the space manager will get a confirmation email notifying her that you have arrived to work for the day.

On the whole, this eliminated confusion between managers and users, and complications with payment – it’s all in one, simple, streamlined process that takes only five seconds to complete.

2. Pay-As-You-Go (With No Extra Fees!)

Welcome to Copass 2.0

With the new self check-in system, we changed our functionality to a super easy pay-as-you-go model with no extra fees on subscription and no credit system. Users no longer have to pay in advance for our pay-as-you-go plan, it is completely free to use, and you will only be charged when you go to cowork each day.

All you do now is to connect your credit card with us (which is stored securely by our lovely partners at MangoPay) and you can cowork whenever you want, wherever you want, as much as you want. No more pricing plans or credit system. Just click the ‘check-in’ button whenever you want to cowork, and the price will be automatically charged to your card – no extra fees, no strings attached.

3. Multi-Currency

Welcome to Copass 2.0

Moving away from our old credit system, we now also enabled full multi-currency support for euros, dollars and pounds. In large part, we’ve been excited to say “Welcome!” to many new spaces in the USA, UK and further afield. Your dollars / pounds are as good as our euros, and since then Copassing in the US-of-A or in the United Kingdom has been a breeze (or in any other country friendly to these currencies).

We’ve also had the chance in these past months to make lots of new friends in the USA and UK, through our time at GCUC in San Francisco, and also through our own coworking adventures! (We’ll be back someday soon Parisoma, 1920C, WorkBix, New Work City, Bat Haus, Ensemble, Joynture and many, many others we have yet to love and visit in person!)

Because we’re now using a pay-as-you-go system, you are charged directly to your card in your own currency (pounds, euros, dollars). In case you’re coworking in a region with a different currency, that’s no problem! We take daily exchange rates to ensure you’re getting the best price for your coworking at any time, at any point on the globe.

4. Add-Ons

Welcome to Copass 2.0

Now you can use Copass for everything you need in the world of coworking. In a big change we made, spaces can sell any and all additional facilities and features in coworking spaces on top of the daily check-in price. What does this mean exactly? It’s easy – need a conference room? A 3D printer? Do you need to print some reports? Do you need to use a woodworking room? Do you need a space-offered course in Python?

You can charge for all of these things easily by-the-day on a pay-as-you-go basis with your daily check-in price. Just check the space pages and see what managers have made available for you! And if there’s not something there, simply write to the space manager and ask if they can add it!

Little Changes, The Big Vision


All of these changes have come together not just to ‘upgrade’ the experience of Copass. It’s all in an attempt to revolutionise how we think of global coworking. We’ve tried some things out, tested and verified our assumptions, and now this Copass is the result of our months of work.

Try it out, let us know what you think (you can email us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter), and we’ll see you out there!


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